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Ulla Svéd (born Nitzler), May 1943

Ulla, May 2005

Ulla May, 2005


Ulla 2003

About Ulla

Ulla and I were classmates and friends in girlschool, the last four years we went there. Then we lost contact.

We met again on a reunion party, 30 years after we finished school (a very interesting party, all women around 50 years of age, most of us not having met for many years – imagine the noice...).We then both wondred why we hadn't kept in touch. So we restarted and since then have kept in touch regularly, even if not all that often. Still, a couple of times a year I go to her house to meet her, her husband Feri, her daughter Rafaela and their dog Igor. We eat and talk and have a nice time. We have managed to keep that up now for over 10 years. I guess we will continue to do this as long as we live.

Feri, Ulla and Rafaela, 1993

Ulla and her grandson Leon, Rafaelas son, Dec 17th, 2005.

Sved family 20090802

Ulla, Rafaela, Leon and Feri Svéd, 2nd August 2009

Ulla February, 7th, 1993

Ulla 2002

ulla. ferri

Ulla and Feri, August 30th, 1993

Rafaela to the left, a friend of hers and then Feri, on Rafaelas graduationparty, June 5th, 2003.
Click on image of Rafaela and Feri to see more images of them.
Images of Igor are here

Gunilla and Ulla

To the left Gunilla Bäckström, to the right Ulla, on Rafaelas graduationparty, June 5th, 2003. Gunilla is also an old schoolmate from the same class with me and Ulla.

See the group photo from our class reunion in 1992. Click here.