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I select links. On this page you find links that has something or other to do with either Adobe Photoshop or photo-sites that I enjoy looking at.

If you have links you want to contribute because you find I have forgotten some, feel free to email me with the link and I will see if I they fit into the kind of links I want to provide.

NOTE: The links are in no particular order of preference or other order. They will all open in a new window.

Enjoy! nini ;-)



Adobes productpage about Photoshop (also see links on the page)

Visit the Photoshop-team at Adobe According to Eric from GoLive 911 who runs the site, it is full of resources, free movies, tutorials etc.

Eric says:
"I have a free sample chapter from Russell Brown (what I consider the best
chapter of his book) here: russell-brown.html
And I have 7 free video tutorials here: total-training.html

I am always looking for more, and am going to have sample chapters of other books soon." – Tutorials by Jennifer Apple.

Ben Willmores Digital Mastery Site

Bruce Fraser – Articles and books at – Ben Willmores archived tips. – Ben Willmores blog-site. – a site which like the next one listed users take a randomly chosen image, manipulate it and post it for the others to view, vote, comment and submit their own versions. – a site with the aim to build a community of artist. Members take a daily image and modify it in anyway they choose. They can then post their image to the site for viewing by the general public. Members may also vote and comment on their favorite entries and at the end of each Face-Off a "winner" is declared! Interesting results really. NAPP, National Association of Photoshop Professionals Photoshop learning center. - The latest news and info about Photoshop. Site also has lots of links that are Photoshop related. – A visit to Adobe.

Russel Browns site – Lots of tips, techniques and tutorial movies about Photoshop

Layers Magazine Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials Blog – Daily Photoshop Tutorials, Tips, News and Resources – Photoshop Madness – tutorials, articles, question of the month and more. And lots of useful links too.

FS Tutorials - Photoshop tutorials. They claim they have 1032 Photoshop tutorials listed. They also have some useful links.

Photoshop Tutorials at – Photoshop Tutorials

Team Photoshop – News, Tutorials and Other Resources – Photoshop Resources, Links, Color Management

Mike's SketchPad Photoshop Tutorials Photoshop Tutorials

Designer Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials by DocOzone (also visit the main site here – and also check out the links at bottom of that page)

Planet Photoshop with weekly tutorials and more – which is a Photoshop Tutorials search engine.

The Guru's Network Tutorials

Binary FX, The Photoshop Tech Vault

Mike Resources (book suggestions and many links to different sites that are of interest for a Photoshop user)

Digital Illusions Explained – not only Photoshop things like tutorials, actions, downloads, but also a lot of other things.

The Archives Photorestoration

RetouchPro – tutorials, tips, weekly challenge – tips about scanning

Photoshop – Tips, Tutorials and more

How to batch process with Camera Raw

The Luminous Landscape

Computer-Darkroom – Tutorials

Photoshop – Index of Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop – the main site

Photoshop Reference Guide at

Yahoo Groups Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers (book)

Webreference Photoshop Layers Tutorial

Layers Tips by Shangara Singh

Mike's SketchPad – Working with Layers and more tutorials on the same site here.

Russel Brown Tips & Techniques

Outback Channel Mixel Tutorial – Free Photoshop Tutorials

graphichsoft – a page about how to fix many problems with Photoshop, ImageReady and Elements. Includes other Photoshop links. – lots of tutorisals, Photoshop and other. – Lots of links to a lot of subject, Photoshop among them.

Noise reduction actions

Save for Web Color shift tutorial – Photoshop Brushes, Borders and Frames

Photoshop Madness – Links and Tutorials

The Photoshop Tutorials Blog – with links to stockphotos sites

Out of Gamut: Don't Underestimate Photoshop's Auto Color – Article at

Color Shifts on the World Wide Web:
PhotoShop® "Save for Web" ImageReady®. by G.Ballard.

Create Colorful Highlights Within a Black and White Photograph

(To be continued)

Noah Grey Photography (site discontinued but I keep the link ion memory of it).

The Photography of Jean-Claude Lejeune

Deadtree Photography, Landscape Photos, Nature Photographs, Fine Art Nature Pictures, by Craig and Scott de Fasselle

Silverlining Images, images by Ginny Felch

National Geographic Photo of the Day (can be downloaded as desktop pictures)

Luca Gilli

Birchbark Photography

John Paul Caponigro


Alleycat Photos

pBase – Photogallery of the day, photosharing and photohosting

Steve Chong gallery links (click on his Links link) - a flashsite with an unusual Flash-layout and very nice photos. - Wilf James images. – not a photosite, but a creative design site with very good content. Lots of good content, articles, tutorials and links

Creative Cow Forums

(To be continued)



Stock Photos at Foto Search

The Photoshop Tutorials Blog – with links to stockphotos sites

Go Graph Stock Photography

Foto Search Image Library


The Quilt As Art

Capturing and optimizing screenshots for print (tutorial) – plenty of useful resources.


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