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Movies and such

I love movies. When I was younger I used to go to the movies very frequently. Nowadays you don't have to go out to see a movie. There are videos, DVDs and movie channels on TV.

I definitely prefer movies to theater plays. Movies are "alive" in another way than theater. I actually find theater plays extremely boring and "dead" and most of the time they feel very superficial. Also the playacting on a stage feels very superficial to me. Even in a TV play. I guess what I miss in a play as compared to a movie is the environment, the sounds of things going on around the actors. There is much more "action" in a movie than in a play. And you get a much closer "relation" to the people whose story is told in a movie than you do in a play. Plays really bore me.

NOTE: The moviepages are discontinued as of 2011. Sorry about that but it is hard keeping this kind of page reasonably updated.


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