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Now and then I write a tutorial for different applications. Either because someone asks me to, or because I've got the same question about how to do things several times, or because I need that structured how-to myself from time to time.

This department will get more tutorials as I write them. Most of them will be in English. If you have suggestions or corrections for the tutorials, or a wish for a tutorial about something special, email me, and I will see what I can do.

Enjoy! nini ;-)



Have removed most of the old tutorials about GoLive from here.

Sorry about that, but they are no longer relevant as GoLive no longer exists.

• Working with tables and tablegrids in GoLive

Book Recommendations

Mac OS X fonts handling and management

Making screenshots in Mac OS X (Panther, Jaguar, Tiger and Snow Leopard)

Switching between applications

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Webrelated Links

Photoshop Tutorials, Links, Tips


More linkcollections will be added in the future.

Photoshop won't open from Dock or when double-clicking an image.

InDesign – fun with strokes and other Easter Eggs

Place Image in Text – in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop

Set your own paper sizes in InDesign

Book Recommendations

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