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... could be many things.

The short version is that I love doing the following (in no particular order):

• learn new things within the areas that interest me the most, which is webdesign, layout and drawing – all on a Macintosh (couldn't live without my Mac)

• doing webdesign

• doing layouts

• drawing and painting aquarells (though this is too time consuming and absorbing – I tend to forget time when I do this – and the time is sparse so I do it less than I would want to)

• reading books, mainly Fantasy and Science Fiction and computer manuals, but also thrillers and fiction in general (I read a lot and usually carry a book with me wherever I go)

• watching movies – mainly on TV, VHS or DVDs these days, occasionally in a movie house

• travel – though that is limited due to the cost

• knitting (it's relaxing)

• writing (and not only emails which I write a lot as an active member of several mailinglists)

• taking long walks in town or in the woods or riding my citybike

• relax in the sun (when its warm and there is a sun) reading a book

• typography and fonts

• interior decoration – mainly in the form of reading magazines and watching TV-programs about it

• watching other peoples pictures, be they art, drawings or photos

• design and fashion – mainly via TV programs



My citybike (2004)


The Tjäder is a large bird that live in the forests. This is what it looks like. This is the male bird.

The birds name in latin is tetras urogallus.
Tjäder is my familyname.