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My father draw and painted in oil and aquarelles when he had the time. These are some of his oilpaintings, aquarelles and drawings. Click images on the left side to see bigger versions in a new window.

Stigbergsgatan 1928, aquarelle by Oskar

Stigbergsgatan 1940, aquarelle by Oskar

Here to the left two aquarelles from Stigbergsgatan, Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden in 1928 and 1940 respectively.

The first is from 1928 and 30 x 39 cms, the second one is from 1940 and 28 x 37 cms. Owned by Nini. Both in their original woodframes.

Flowers 1932, oilpainting by Oskar

< To the left, Flowers, oil,
60 x 45 cms, 1932.
Owned by Nini.

To the right a stilleben >, drawing on regular paper, 1935.

Stilleben, drawing by Oskar

Pirre, drawing 1940

< To the left, Pirre the cat, portrait done on black scrapepaper (white hard carton overdrawn with black) where every line is scraped out in white with a special pencil. 21 x 17 cms, 1940. Owned by Nini.

Nini 1944, drawing by Oskar

Two drawings of Nini at age 1 year in 1944.

19 x 24 cms and 13 x 19 cms. Owned by Nini.

To the right >, Oskar, my father, selfportrait. Drawing on regular paper, year unknown.

Nini 1944, drawing by Oskar

Oskar Tjäder, self portrait

Woman, oilpainting 1929

< To the left a woman in oil, 1929.
45 x 64 cms. Owned by Nini. Painting has got a really nice, heavy, gilden woodframe.

To the right> one of the signs my father did. Photographed in 1977 by Oskar.

One of fathers signs