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CV – Curriculum Vitae for Nini Tjäder


Aftonbladet (the largest daily newspaper in Scandinavia)
2005-10-01 – 2010-07-31. Full time, permanent employment. Helpdesk, usersupport Macintosh and software primarily for the editorial staff, but also for any other of our Macintosh users. Retired as from August 1st 2010.

Aftonbladet (the largest daily newspaper in Scandinavia)
2005-01-03 – 2005-06-03 substitute at 50%. Helpdesk, usersupport Macintosh and software primarily for the editorial staff.

DD Data Distribution AB
2003-12-03 – ongoing, in charge of courses, webmaster, webeditor, educator, consultant and supportperson. Approximately 25% appointment or when needed.

DD Data Distribution AB
1989-01-09 – 2003-12-02 (between August 1999 – October 2001 within HelioGruppen Sverige AB)
1994-12-01 – till December 2nd 2003 when I was given notice due to lack of billable jobs in my area.

Webmaster, webeditor, in charge of our courses and educator in several applications, software support to clients and internally (mainly graphical programs), creation and maintaining of templates and printed matters. Certain support at clients workplace if the job is within "my" competencies.

Arbetslivscentrum, Stockholm
(now Institutet för Arbetslivsforskning)
1982-04-19 – 1989-01-09

Project assistant (1 year), then administrative assistant (secretary to one of the research directors in one of the research departments – our department researched in the areas of work organization and computers – coordinator of jobs for the assistants and assigner of jobs to the assistants, economic administration for the department). Parallell to this from December 1984 main operator for the Macintosh installations, responsible for three networks with a total of 70 Macintoshes. All support and installations and internal training programs.

Israel Tours, Scandinavian Vacation Travel AB, Stockholm
(nowadays Israel Tours/Ritchie Travel)
1974-08-01 – 1982-04-18

Booking Manager. Planning of trips (for individuals and groups) to Israel, control of hotels and handling of sightseeing and tour leaders in Israel, estimates for grouptrips

Albany Travel Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel
1971 -09 – 1974-08

Travel agent. Handling of hotelbookings, sightseeingbookings, transfers etc. for tourists that went to Israel from Scandinavia, England and South Africa (the agency was British and South African and doesn't exist any more).

Stockholms Stads Socialnämnd, office clerk
1970-08-01 – 1971-08-31

1970-04-01 – 1970-07-31 – was in Israel looking for jobs.  But, it was recession and there weren't any jobs so went home again.

Stockholms Stads Socialnämnd, office clerk
1969-10-01 – 1970-04-30

World Tours Travel Agency Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel
1968-09-01 – 1969-09-05

Travel agent. Handling of hotel bookings, sightseeing bookings, transfers etc. for tourists that went to Israel from England and South Africa (the agency was British-South African and doesn't exist any more). This agency later merged with Albany Travel which I later worked at for almost three years. See above.

AB Helmer Langborg
1968-06-04 – 07-19, office clerk.

From autumn 1966 to spring 1968 I studied for my G.C.E at advanced level in a school for grown-ups.

During 1963 – 1966 I alternated between longer periods in Israel (kibbutz, farm work) and shorter periods in Sweden when I among other things worked at the Israeli Tourist Agency in Stockholm as an office clerk and at Svenska Liv- Städernas Hansa (insurance agency, clerk) and Stockholms Stads Socialnämnd (clerk).


Swedish – my native, first language

English – second language, fluent in speech, writing and reading

Hebrew – third language, speak and read Hebrew quite OK, write less well

French – fourth language, speak and read quite OK, write less well

German – read and understand, speak if I must but not good, no good at writing German

Education and experience

Girls higher education
Graduated in May 1962

G.C.E at advanced level
spring 1968 from a 2-year course for grown-ups (daytime), languages as main subjects

Course in Hebrew at a kibbutz in Israel, six months, graduated January 1966

A 10 points university course 1985 (UR course, arranged by Liber) in computers 1968. Finalized but never took the tests at the University. I have a certificate for the tasks done and the special assignment which were both approved.

A large number of different software courses for Macintosh

A longer course in typography 1986

I used to be a registered FileMaker Pro developer and FSA member (FileMaker Solutions Alliance) but I have not had time the last years to actually do anything in FileMaker, so my knowledge there is resting.

Webmaster and Web Editor

I did and have done the website for DD Data Distribution all by myself since it was first launched in the mid-90th. I do both the content (writing about 95 percent of all texts, including translations from English), the navigation and organisation of the site, imaging etc. The look and feel is not my creation but within the framework for the graphical design that was decided on company level quite long ago. I mainly use Adobe GoLive and support software like Macromedia FireWorks, Photoshop, Illustrator and some other for the website.

For fours years in the middle of the 80th I had a regular position as local politician and spent all my free time and evenings in meetings or reading up on whatever was on the agenda for decisions in the local community.

I regularly hold courses in the following applications:

– QuarkXPress, basic and advanced
– Adobe InDesign, basic. advanced and for former users of PageMaker and QuarkXPress
– Adobe PageMaker, basic and advanced
– Adobe Illustrator, basic
– Adobe GoLive, basic and advanced
– Adobe Acrobat, basic and for differnet areas of use
– FileMaker Pro, basic and advanced
– MS Word, basic and advanced
– MS PowerPoint, basic
– Macromedia FreeHand basic
– Adobe Photoshop basic
– Mac OS X for regular users

Have also passed courses in DreamWeaver and Flash 5.

Mainly self-educated in web production, layout and imaging. My father was a commerical artist and sign designer and I have grown up with imaging and correct typography. I have always been a passionate photographer and have drawn since I was a child.

My passion is the Mac, typography, imaging, layout and web. Those are the areas I enjoy the most and know the best. What I don't know but need to know to be able to do something I learn when I need it. It is great fun to learn new things and test new software and new versions of software.

I am also able to diagnose and solve system errors and other system related problems and reinstall a system and its other software on a Mac when needed. I have been responsible for all the Macs in our room for courses including installations and everything else for many years. I do not do hardware repairs and hardwareinstallations.

If anything is unclear.... ask me.
I of course have certificates and such for everything.