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The Balcony [2000 – 2002]

2000 2000


I had to put the flowers on the inside this year due to very heavy rains early in the season

My flat has a long, narrow balcony. That is my haven on sunny and warm days (when there are any... they are not that many). For having breakfast in the sun (when there is a sun), reading the newspaper or a book. The balcony is also my "garden" during the warm part of the year. Many of my neighbours have closed their balconies with windows to make it usable for more than sunny and dry days. Not me though. To me the balcony is a way to get fresh air without having to go anywhere.


Ninis balcony, Jan 8th 2002
The Balcony, January 8th, 2002.

Very empty, snow outside. One of those rare, sunny winterdays.

The Balcony, July 27th 2002

The Balcony, July 27th , 2002.

The plant that covers the wall up to the ceiling is called Cobea. It grows from about 10 cms to this size very fast and covers the whole wall and part of the ceiling. It gets large, bellformed flowers in blue-lilac by the end of August. In 2000 the autumn was warm and the plant didn't die til the week before Xmas. Then it froze. Couldn't dig it out of its pots til April 2001 when it thawed again...

Sunchair at balcony, July 2002 The Balcony, July 2002

Petunia at balcony, July 2002
The Balcony, July 27th, 2002.

Summer came also this year.(Left and above).