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The External Gallery

The house I live in has external galleries. As I only have one neighbour after me (and one before my flat), I also use the gallery as an extra balcony during the warm season, as does my neighbour Monica who lives in the next flat. We use to water each others flowers and plants if one of us is away for a while, and keep an eye on each others flats.

In the summer the sun is on this side from 13.00 hrs approximately, till around 19.00 hrs, while my balcony is in the shadow from about noon and only has morning sun. So normally, this is where I have my afternoon coffee (when I am on vacation, or it is the weekend) and where I sit in the sun reading a book and sometimes listen to music from my Walkman. Many in the area use the galleries as an extra balcony during the summer.

Million Belles on the wall on the Gallery in 2005.