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The Balcony [2005]

My balcony, June 2005

The summer of 2005 came late, started cold, became quite warm and turne dinto a very rainy end by the end of July. And again a nice and quite warm autumn.

Balcony in other direction. View into my apartment. June 2005.

Balcony at end of July 2005. A very rainy day. July 2005.

Balcony a rare, sunny day in August, 2005.

Autumn 2005.

The balcony plants were easy to maintain this year.

Had a Cobea at the end of it as usual, the kaprifolium bloomed more than ever at the beginning of the summer, the pelargonias kept healthy and bloomed a lot – until the first hailstorm which damaged some of them quite a lot and made big holes in their leaves and crushed the flowers.

Had petunias as usual at the foot of the Cobea together with some red tobaccco plant that was very nice long into the autumn.

The climbing plant at the middle of the balcony was new for 2004 and survived till 2005. Remains to be seen if it survives yet another year and if the kaprifolium does too.

The spiceplant with lilac flowers to the left here is now inside my flat and still growing. It is a red basilicum.

To the right, just outside the door to the balcony is a blue blooming plant called five-fingers (in Swedish). Very nice plant that bloomed with a lot of flowers until the first frost.

Cobea flower

Cobea flower. September 2005.