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The Balcony [2002 – 2003]

July 2002

I try different flowers and plants every summer – except for the big one that covers the wall. I buy a new one of the same kind every year in May as it is only a one-year plant. I once mnaged to get seeds that I could plant the next year. But that was only once.

The pink tobaccoflowers I had in 2002 were very good and lasted long. Also had a nice fragrance. Some of those I tried in 2003 were nice for only a short while and then died. Either it was the flowers or it was the very warm and dry summer. I think I will get tobaccoflowers in 2004 again – even though they attract bugs.

July, 2002

June 2003 – These did not last the whole summer either.
It was too hot and sunny and they dried out.
They were nice in June though.

June 2003 – These did not last the whole summer.

June 2003. These lasted and bloomed until October and the first frosts.