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Alice, 1947

Alice, 1947


Alice on her confirmation.

AliceMy mother, Alice Maria, born Dahlstedt – when she was a teenager, to the right.
January 8th, 1909 – January 26th, 1964. My mother was never employed anywhere and had no occupation. She was a house-wife all her grown-up life from the day she married my father. Before that she lived at home with her parents (my grandparents) which I never knew. Grandmother on mothers side died before I was born, grandfather when I was around 2. Alice had 2 sisters and 2 brothers. None of them live today. Mother was the youngest.

I'n January 2005, I got a family tree for my mother's ancestors from a Swedish visitor to my website who has been researching the Dahlstedt family line. I will publish this here when I get the time. I will then also publish some more photos of my mothers siblings and family.

The Dahlstedt family

The Dahlstedt Family
Mother is the very small baby, in her mothers lap. She had 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

Nini and Alice Me and mother, 1951. We were on one of our regular walks in the woods. Note the not so practical clothes for walking in the woods...

My mothers class

This is my mother´s class.

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My mothers family

Above is my mother's family. Mother is in the first row, all the way to the left.

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The Dahlstedt Family

The Dahlstedt family. My mother Alice is the little girl halfway behind the flagpole. Year unknown. From the left Sven, Alf, grandmother Tekla behind Alice, grandffather Titus in the hat, Tyra and Ellen.

Alice's brothers and sisters

Brothers and sisters. My mother Alice is in the first row, all to the left, then her sisters Ellen and Tyra. Behind them their brothers Alf and Sven. Sven died in his sleep from a heartattack after having watched a documentary on TV about the 2nd World War the night before and having been very upset about the nazis. Year unknown.

Tekla and Titus Dahlstedt

Tekla and Titus, my grandparents on my mother Alice's side.

Titus Dahlstedt

Grandfather Titus, Alice's father.

Adolf Oskar Titus Dahlstedt, born 27th July, 1875, died approximately 1945, married to Tekla Eriksson, born 1875, died some time around 1940 or so. They moved to Stockholm in 1904 from Norrköping. Titus was a sheet-metal worker.

Alice and Oskar weddingphoto

Father and mother, the weddingphoto.