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My grandmother Fanny´s parentsThese are my grandmother Fanny´s parents.

Hulda Martina Johansdotter,
born 18th October 1861 in Österåker (north of Stockholm), died in 1920 in Nacka.

Jöns Persson Tjäder,
born 12th February 1841 in Halmstad, Skåne (in southern Sweden), died in 1927 in Nacka at the age of 86.

The photo is from 1883. I have the original. It is in real bad shape unfortunately, as can be clearly seen here.

The name Tjäder is a soldiers name.

He married the first time on 26th December 1872. He was a widower when he married Hulda Martina on 17th February 1884.

In his first marriage he got five children, whereof four died in diphtheria and the fifth at birth together with its mother.

He was luckier in his second marriage. Jöns and Hulda got three boys and five girls. My grandmother was one of the girls.

Jöns Persson Tjäder did a little bit of this and a little bit of that during his lifetime. Among other things he was an agricultural labourer and farm foreman at Järla Gård in Nacka, just outside Stockholm, until the farm had to close down to give place to a turbinefactory.

After that he worked at the leatherfactory of John Widekvist and thereafter in the automobile factory of J.W. Svensson in Augustendal in Nacka.

Fanny in her teensJöns Persson Tjäder lived for 86 years, was never ill and a real strong and healthy man. (I think my grandmother got his genes – she was never ill either, and I probably got some of that as well as I am almost never ill either and haven´t been my whole life so far).

My grandmothers mother also worked on the farm, among other things with binding crops on the meadows where today stands villas in Storängen and in other places in the then very rural Nacka.

Saltjsöbanan (a small railway that still exists) was built during the time the family lived at the cottage they had as farmworkers. It was called the Tjäder cottage and my grandmother and her sisters kept it as a summer cottage til it fell to parts in the late sixties.

Before Saltsjöbanan was built the communications into town were really bad and Hulda had to walk on foot to town to do her shopping. If she was lucky she got a lift with a milktransport.

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