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The Family Tree of Fanny Augusta Konstantia Tjäder 

Fanny Augusta Konstantia Tjäder
born 9th September 1884 in Nacka, died 21st January 1960 in Stockholm

Jöns Persson Tjäder
born 12th February 1841 in Halmstad, died 1927 in Nacka

Hulda Martina Johansdotter
born 19th October 1861 in Österåker, died ???

Per Månsson
born 19th May 1797 in Halmstad, died 26th August 1873 in Nacka

Dorothea Gudmundsdotter
born 4th October 1802 in Ottarp, died 30th June 1866 in Halmstad

Johannes Nilsson
born 2nd November 1818 in Österåker, died 2nd May 1883 in Österåker

Johanna Hult
born 22nd December 1822 in Österåker, died 1840 in Österåker

Måns Olsson
born 18th February 1767 in Kågeröd, died 28th February 1815 in Halmstad

Inga Andersdotter
born 11th February 1770 in Halmstad, died 27th January 1822 in Halmstad

Gudmund Johansson
born 1766

Anna Bengtsdotter
born 1776

Nils Jonsson
born 31st October 1788 in Österåker, died 15th February 1855 in Österåker

Greta Ersdotter
born 22nd July 1792 in Österåker, died 23rd March 1877 in Österåker

Johan Hult
born 9th October 1795 in Widbo, died 25th July 1870 in Österåker

Margareta (Greta) Andersdotter Hult
born 1797, died 23rd February 1876 in Österåker

Ola Nilsson
born 10th December 1729 in Kågeröd, died 30th July 1802 in Kågeröd

Jan Andersson
born 1760 in Riala

Erik Ersson
born 1st May 1753 in Österåker

Eric Jansson
born 1770

Anders Ersson
born 1763

The research for who had which parents was done by my cousin Ulla who was kind enough to send me a copy.

I don´t know if this makes sense or not...

Anna Greta Jansdotter
born 18th March 1778 in Widbo

Catrin Larsdotter
born 1761

Brita Jansdotter
born 1758

Elna Månsdotter
born 18th April 1729 in Kågeröd, died 27th May 1805 in Kågeröd

Anna Jansdotter
born 14th October 1758 in Österåker, died ??

Jan Jansson
born 26th June 1745 in Widbo

Erik Erssons father was

Eric Mattson

Eric Erssons mother was

Gertrud Mattsdotter
born 1735 i Ö.Garn

Margareta Olofsdotter
born 1748 in Almunge

Måns Bengtsson
born 1701 in Simmelsberga, died 30th December 1766 in Simmelsberga

Lovisa Bengtsdotter
born 1694 in Kågeröd, died 30th April 1742 in Kågeröd

Anna Jansdotters father was

Jan Nilsson
born 1724 in Österåker, died 11th September 1796 in Österåker

Anna Jansdotters mother was

Margareta Roos (Ersdotter)
born 1720

Kajsa Ersdotter
born 1705 in Almunge. died 7th April 1792 in Widbo

Kerstin Nilsdotter
born 1704

Nils Jansson
born 1694 in Österåker

Nils Janssons father was

Johan Olsson

Nils Janssons mother was