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Oskar Tjäder, self portrait


Above to the left, my father, Oskar Edvard Tjäder – when he was young.
He was born on July 28th, 1906 and died on January 3rd, 1984. My father had one younger brother, Valentin, born February 16th, 1910 – died September 22nd, 1992. (He was married to Sally. They had three daughters: Ulla-Stina, Britt-Marie and Elisabeth).

My father created signboards that still today can be seen on some places around Stockholm. He was a signdesigner and a commerical artist.

He also painted in oil and aquarelles when he had the time and was also a quite good photographer.

Oskar and Alice

Father and mother, young and engaged. Year unknown.

Oskar at school

Father when in school.

Oskar Tjäder

A very young Oskar.

Oskar Tjäder

Above, Oskar, in his last years.

Oskar Tjäder

The above pictures are from 1982.

Above, father in the dining corner of the kitchen at home. Around 1982.
I never noticed that terrible wallpaper when I lived at home... I do now...

Above, Oskar, in his last years.

Oskar Tjäder

Above, Oskar, my father, summer 1983, his last summer and the very last photo taken of him. At his brothers summerplace.