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Macintosh 20 years

Karaoke for Mac-enthusiasts

5 bad reason to not buy Macintosh

Don McMillian Videos

Signatures for emails

Mac Fear ...

Gates solution for Y2K

True Story

Mac-links – startpage for everything Mac. – Apples supportpages abut iPod Shuffle 8I got an iPod shuffle from the peopel at the newspaper when I quite there. I love it.). – A History of the GUI. For thsoe interested in how the user interface came about, for thje Mac and other systems.

The Apple Collection – Desktop pictures of OS X among other things. Note: A bit slowloading due to all the images on the pages.

The startpage – An entrance to Apple with a startpage with good links on. – A Swedish site (in Swedish) about the Mac and Mac-related topics

Susan Kare, User Interface Graphics

Jory's Apple Icon Garden Adventure

From the Apple Collection – Why Macs are better

More links to come

Bill Gates praises the Mac. Click image or here to see movie (1.7 MB download).
You need QuickTime to see the movie.