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The following is posted on the Mac OS Rumors page

"I am the network manager of a mid-size company. We are currently fitted with PCs (around 65 running windows 95, of which about half are from IBM) running on ethernet.Everything was fine until last week, or until top management starting talking about replacing all of them with iMacs.

In fact, they have started bringing in 2 of those machines on monday. This was for a test,and I was sure they were going to be sent back right away, since they are incompatible with our PCs. But, to my surprise the secretaries were very happy with them, and setthem up on the ethernet by themselves in about 10 minutes. The worst thing is that they have Office 98 and can access and exchange transparently files with the other PCs ....

The problem is the last batch of PCs we got (3 machines from Compaq and Windows 95) took us half a day to configure and set up. Top management couldn't believe it when the secretaries got their machine up and running so quickly. Also, they like the fact there is nofloppy drive, so they say, nobody can copy software for home use ....

We are afraid they might really replace all the PC with iMacs and if those machine are so easy to set up and maintain, I might be out of work soon.

Can you help me, or give me some ammo against Apple Macintoshes?"