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Rafaela Svéd , daugther to Ulla and Feri

Rafael and Leon

Rafael and Leon 31st March, 2011

Rafaela and Leon, her son, Dec 17th, 2005

Leon, son of Rafaela and Ronnie.
Dec 17th, 2005

Leon and Ronnie. Father and son making the same face. Ronnie was Rafaelas partner, but no longer.

Rafaela and Leon, Dec 17th, 2005

Leon is the son of Rafaela and Ronnie.

He was born with a Caesarian on July 27th, 2005.

He weighed 4300 grams and was 54 cms long at birth. A big boy. Leon is Ullas grandson. At 5 months of age he is still a big boy and weighs 9 kgs. His father Ronnie is also quite big so no wonder his son is big too.

Rafaela and her boyfriend

Rafaela and then boyfriend Jonathan,
9th May, 2001

Rafael 1993 with rabbit

Rafaela, August 30th, 1993 and her rabbit.

Rafaela and then boyfriend Jonathan,
2nd November, 2002

Rafaela, August 30th, 2003

Rafaela 1997

Rafaela and Igor, 15th August, 1997

Rafaela to the left, a friend of hers and then Feri, on Rafaelas graduationparty, June 5th, 2003

Rafaela 1998

Rafaela, 1998

Rafaela 1996

Rafaela, April 12th, 1996

Rafaela, June 5th, 2003