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The big class-reunion 1992

Sofia Kommunla flickskola - class reunionof 1992

All the classmates from Sofia Kommunala Flickskola that came to the reunion of 30 years after the graduation. It was fun to see those "girls", now all around 50, and to find that many of them hadn't actually changed much. Most came. Only a few not. Some came all the way from the US and Spain where they now live. This was the first reunion I participated in after graduation and I had not seen anyone of them since the graduation.

I am the blond person in the second row from the back in a blue shirt and black jacket. Ulla is number 2 to the right from me (she had curls then...), and Gunilla is right behind me. Looking at all these faces, I recognize the faces, but can only recall some of the names. Ulla and I reconnected on this party and have tried to keep in touch since.