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Stockholm The Tetley tea house in the Kings Garden in Stockholm. It has changed a bit sicne the time I used to go there and the hedges has been opened up towards the statue and the waterfront. Those elmtrees are famous. A big "battle" to save them happened here in the early 70th when new stations for the subway were built. The town wanted to tear down the elms. Everybody else were against it. The people won and they moved the entrance to the subway station instead. Question is how long they will last. Trees in the middle of town live a dangerous life.
Stockholm Skinnarviksberget, southern Stockholm. This mountain is high up and from it you can see the whole town (see next pictures). There is nothing built on it. Surroundign it are old tree houses that have been renovated and kept for historical reasons. The whole area is protected against new buildings. It is close to where I grew up. We used to play here when we were small.
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