Year: 2011

It is YOUR life


Image above found on FaceBook.

Or as Steve Jobs has said:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” [Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Computer]

Things to think about at this time of the year. Happy 2012 everyone!

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Expensive and cheap colorful hangers

Eames hanger

Nowadays you can get various colorful hangers to put over the door or on the wall. Very practical and useful. Also save space and gives you new places to hang things.

They come in all priceclasses. You can either get a very expensive one, designed by Eames. Like the one above. Costs several thousand Swedish Crowns. Looks nice though.

Or you can get a cheap one from Lagerhaus.


I got the one from Lagerhaus, and I am happy about it. It costs SEK 99. I wouldn’t dream of paying several thousand SEK for a hanger. Not even when Mr Eames has designed it.

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FaceBook Friends

FaceBook Friends

This is a map of my friends on FaceBook as per this moment.

I am still wondering who is in Africa?

And why is the one in South America not showing up?

And one in Australia is not shown in her correct side of Australia.

Not very exact this …

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New ceiling lamp in the living room

ceiling lamp

When I moved to my present apartment two years ago my ceiling lamp for the living room got damaged and the inside, thin, plastic lining got crushed at several places. It also got generally crocked.

ceiling lamp

You can clearly see the crockedness on the bottom of the lamp. Yes, I have tried to straighten it without success.

ceiling lamp

This is from another direction. No way I could get it straight.

This has annoyed me ever since because I liked that lamp and it was rather expensive. The damage was visible mostly when the lamp was lit and from certain directions. Which was bad enough.

So I took it down. Just touching the inside plastic lining made it fall into lots of little pieces. Really damaged. I’ve saved the stem with the electric fittings and the top and bottom metal ring and glass bottom. Might do something with them one day. Provided I can straighten the stem.

I’ve been looking for a new lamp for the last two years without finding anything which I both liked and could afford. I have a tendency to like designer lamps at high prices… Unfortunately I don’t have a budget for that.

I’ve replaced the damaged lamp with a simple, white ceiling lamp from IKEA. I’m really pleased with the result. It is 5 cms smaller in width than the old lamp-shade and about as much higher. Gives better light too.

ceiling lamp

The old lamp had three (3) 7W energy saving light bulbs. The new one has one (1) 11W energy saving light bulb. I tried a lot of different bulbs before chosing this one. It is also a question of how many lumen and such for the light temperature. It is pretty hard to choose a light bulb these days and get the kind of light you want.

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In the Swedish interior design magazine Sköna Hem 01•2012 I found this image on page  38.

The crocheted throw feels extremely familiar. Bought at a second hand market it says.

I crocheted a throw like this long ago. A gigantic square from left-over yarns. Realized some time ago (last year?) that I would never use it. So donated it to the Salvation Army shop Myrorna in Skärholmen.

Little did I know that his kind of crocheted thing this year would become THE thing to own. (No, I would personally NOT have used it had I still had it).

I am almost certain that the crocheted thrown in the picture is the one I once did.

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And it is Xmas again (and Chanucka)



I don’t celebrate Christmas. Or  Chanucka. Haven’t celebrate Christmas since my dad was alive. He died in January 1984. Until then Janne and I did celebrate it for the sake of my dad. Janne didn’t much like celebrating Christmas either. As long as he got Christmas ham he was satisfied.

And I don’t have a Christmas tree. I would if I had the space for it. I like Christmas trees because of the scent from them. And the lights and the decorations.

And I do eat certain Christmas food. Like Christmas ham, for instance. And boiled rice pudding. I can be without the rest and do not miss it.

I also like light-decorations outside and inside. Because it is so dark this time of the year. And I like lots of lit candles.

No present to anybody. Not even to myself from myself.

But I do send Christmas cards. At least to my elderly cousins who almost all are not on the internet or have email. I think they’d be disappointed if they didn’t get the Christmas cards. I like getting Christmas cards myself. You see once a year that people are still around. But I’ve considered stopping sending Christmas cards. It is way too expensive.

I don’t like traditions. Rituals. Or all the “musts”.

It is stiff. So confining. So limiting.

Some people just have to have traditions and feel insecure without them.

I don’t have that need.

And I don’t belong to any confession either.

But can celebrate that the light is returning. Because now it is. The winter solstice has passed. The light is coming back. That IS something to celebrate.

[I’ve borrow the image above from a post on FaceBook].

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I love orchids.

And they apparently love me.

They are SO easy to manage. I once thought they were difficult. Couldn’t be more wrong.

If you have the right window to put them in. Give them water when they are really dry, about every 2nd week or so. But not much. They don’t like having their feet in water. Get them new orchid soil about every 2nd year or so. Mine live in south-western windows. Sometimes very warm under their feet from the radiator. They don’t seem to mind. Sometimes full sun through the windows. They don’t seem to mind. Sometimes really cold if the door to my outside place is open. They don’t seem to mind. But they do mind getting too dry and too wet. If a stem which has had glooms dries, cut it off. If the stem is not dead, keep it. It might surprise you with more blooms all of a sudden. And never cut off the roots it throws around into the air.

I’ve got several orchids in various colors. They grow and bloom. Some bloom a year without stopping. Then they rest. And come back again.

These are only some examples. I have several budding ones presently but it will take some time until they open up.


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Autumn and Spring at the same time?


Seasons are upside down. This unusually warm autumn brings up spring-flowers in December. Like the marigold above. Not that I think it will bloom in December, but…

It also has brought up lots of my crocus. This – below – is how it looked today. For once I wish the snow would come to protect them until spring. If it doesn’t, will I then have crocus in spring at all?


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Wall decoration

headboard bed

I finally put up the IKEA wall-decoration at the head of my bed, which lacks a headboard (and I haven’t been able to find one as the bed is 120cm wide at headboards doesn’t seem to be made for that size) . I have holes in the wall-paper (from my previous bed-lamps) that I wanted to hide.

This is the result. Is it acceptable?

It said on the cover to these decorations that they could be removed without harming the wall-paper … Well… That is not true. If you try to remove it you also remove parts of the wall-paper.

When tire of this decoration I will have to redo the entire wall and either paint it or put up new wall-paper. I am not all that fond of the green color of the present wall-paper. For now this will do. For a while at least.

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Back to the seventies

To continue on the subject of kitchens. The 70-ties presently reign when it comes to colors.

I would rather it didn’t.

I did not like yellow or olive-green or lilac in interior design in the seventies.

I don’t like it any more today.

Lilac is OK for cloths and textiles, but not for furniture (in my opinion).

Olive-green kitchen cupboard-doors… no, thanks. I actually had that already in the seventies.

And sunny yellow?  Janne had that in the seventies in his on bedroom flat. At the time I preferred that to my olive-green doors and we pondered if we could move his doors to my kitchen when he moved into my flat. In the end we didn’t dare doing that (rental flats).

And we can just forget about the wallpaper to the left in the yellow kitchen above… Horrible. I guess there are people today that like it. People that did not have similar things in the 70-ties.


I prefer white cupboard doors. Shiny ones. Or eventually light grey.

Both pictures are from Myresjökök, who also have a lilac kitchen (saw that in a magazine).



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winter sky

When there – occasionally – is a clear day, without clouds, the winter sky outside can be this beautiful just before sunset. Then it looks like this out the door to my outside place. Love it.

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Autumn apples


autumn applesAutumn has come and gone. An exceptionally warm autumn. Some apple trees have nothing but some overripe apples left on them. Not my apple trees – I don’t have any – but in the villa-gardens in the surroundings. Fascinating. I am sure the birds love it.

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Does my dreamkitchen exist?


Kitchen from HTH-kök.

The kitchen of my dreams, does it exist?

The one that just works and has space for everything you need in a kitchen.

Where the worktops always are just big enough (so you won’t have to use the kitchen table or cover the sink with a chopping-board).

Where there of course is space enough for a big kitchen table (which can be used as a worktable for other things when needing a large, flat area).

Where you can be social and sit for a long time and eat and talk or read the paper when you are alone there.

Where there are enough shelves and cupboards for everything you need in a kitchen both for cooking and eating.

Where there is space for full height freezer and fridge.

Where it is easy to keep it clean.

A larder would be great…. and drawers in the bottom cupboards instead of shelves.


Kitchen from HTH-kök.

No open shelves that collect fat from the cooking.

No open plan open to the livingroom so that fat and the smell of cooking spread into the livingroom.


Kitchen without upper cupboards.

If you look in Swedish kitchen catalogues the trend with very few or no upper cupboards is reigning.

If you look in Swedish – or other – decorating magazines, they often don’t have any real cupboards either. I fail to see where they keep all the stuff that is needed in a kitchen.

Presently the trend is that walls do not have any cupboards and eventual shelves are open.

The present trend also is a lot of country-kitchens (which I don’t like), and shabby chic (which I don’t like either).

Or terrible, pleated cloth in front of the bottom cupboards instead of doors. How dirty and not fresh looking will that be after the first time you do the dishes or cook or prepare the food?

And chest panels (or other panels) are also frequent.



Plane and easy to clean is how I would want it. And white (or light grey). And fresh. And I do not want any fat-collecting shelves on top of the upper kitchen cupboards please (I’ve had that i some of the flats where I’ve lived). The upper cupboards need to go all the way up to the the ceiling.

Good lighting both over the kitchen table and worktops is a must. Space for cookbooks and canned and dry goods is needed. I’d love to have a kitchen island. But not an industrial kitchen with stainless steel. Covering cupboard doors (no glass windows in the doors where you see the content). Built-in oven and microwave in a comfortable height from the floor.

And who is it that has come up with the idea that a smallish household or a one-person household only need a small combi-freezer-fridge? Particularly then you need full-size fridge and freezer (so you can take advantage of the cheaper prices for larger packages of food-stuff etc.).



And who wants a cut-glass chandelier in the kitchen? How greasy will that become after a while?

Will have to keep on dreaming. And get amazed over the kitchens that today are shown in most decorating magazines. Practical? No, they aren’t. Good-looking on pictures? Well, to a certain extent, yes. But just to look at, not to use.

Top two images are from HTH-kök, the others from Sköna Hem kitchen-galleries).

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Destroying old carpets

Presently there is a trend to cut up old carpets into rectangles and sew them together again to create new carpets of the pieces. Patch-work they are sometimes called.

Sometimes they also dye them slightly so they get one single color but you can still discern the patterns through the new color.

I find that really disrespectful to the original carpet weavers and such a waste of original old carpets.

Or they take kelim-carpets and make pillowcases in patch-work. That’s just as bad.

Now even IKEA has caught onto that trend. They call it recycling of old carpets. I call it destruction of old carpets. IKEA does kelim-pillow-cases too, but from new material as far as I can judge. Not cut-up old carpets.

Recycled carpet from IKEA

These creations aren’t even cheap. They are expensive – even if not as expensive as genuine oriental carpets.

I am in no way an expert on carpets , but I’ve seen the real thing. One of the flats I once rented (furnished) in TelAviv, was owned by a carpet dealer. He bought the carpets from Iran I think. He kept some of his carpets in my flat (for tax reasons I suspect) and I was free to use them on the floor. As he said, oriental carpets are supposed to be used and only get more beautiful by use. During the period I rented that flat he sometimes exchanged them for other ones. I came to see several different patterns. I also came to appreciate those carpets and enjoy their patterns. And I know each symbol on them mean something. I wonder what he would have said about today’s trend to cut them up and dye them….

The real thing, the original antique, oriental carpet, no matter where it comes from, are beautiful. I respect the work that has gone into them. I will never be able to appreciate the cut-up and sometimes even dyed versions. No, thanks.

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Domain move successful

Finally. The domain move was successful and my domain and my site and this blog and my email is now at my new host. Took about a week to get everything in place, but now all finally works.

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