Diagnosvägen 1F, 7th floor

When I met Janne (we met on the commuter train) – who lived across the yard in the same area as myself – and we eventually decided to move in together, we exchanged our two flats for one larger, three bed flat on the 7th floor in the same building where I already lived, but in F instead of D. I hade a one bedroom flat (Diagnosvägen 1D) and Janne had a smaller one-room flat with kitchenette in another building. We moved in here on November 27th, 1982.

We lived here until our landlord decided to re-organize certain of the flats and to re-build the balconies in the whole area. Our 3 bedroom flat was to become a 2-story flat and connected to the one below it. So we moved out before those changes were made. The move out was done on September 9th, 1986.

We had a window of a month or so before moving in here and out from our existing flat. As the new flat was empty we got the keys early. We used that time to re-wallpaper the entire flat. The existing wall-papers were horrible in all the rooms.

This was the most terrible move I’ve ever made. We moved everything ourselves manually via elevators and basement corridors. Hard work…

Here are some pictures from Diagnosvägen 1F. I might have more pictures laying around and will add them later on if I find them. Seems that I never took a picture of the kitchen in this flat. It looked much the same as in 1D though. Notice that most of the red-green-yellow are gone…

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