R.I.P. Feri Svéd

Feri Svéd

Feri 2008-05-10 Photo by Nini. ©nini 2008

On Wednesday afternoon, July 20th, 2011, Feri Svéd, husband to my old friend Ulla Svéd, passed away after a short time of illness. He was diagnosed with a huge tumor on the flank at the end of June. Then got treatment at home but went into hospital on Friday Juli 15th. On Wednesday his struggle was over – despite having promised to live until 120. (It’s a saying in Hebrew on each birthday, ad meaveesrim – until 120 years – as in English you simply say Happy Birthday. I just noticed WordPress won’t let me write in Hebrew on this page). Feri became 88.

Feri, Ullas husband, was originally Hungarian and Jewish (though he converted to Catholicism when it was hard times in Hungary – only on the paper though). He was 20 years older than Ulla and had his 80th birthday on January 6th, 2003.

He was pensioned long ago, but on his spare time he worked as a photo-model for advertising films. He was actually quite popular for modeling for those films. During the summer of 2003 he was seen on TV before the weather report several times a week. He was quite a personality.

Feri visited Hungary the last time just shortly before he fell ill. He actually fell ill when in Hungary and his friends doctors told him to go to a doctor the first he did when coming back to Sweden. It was then he got his diagnose. Then everything went very fast.

He was a great personality and always very positive. He believed in a life after this one.

He will be missed by family, friends and everyone who knew him.

Family Svéd 2009-08-02

Family Svéd 2009-08-02. From the left Ulla, Rafaela, Leon and Feri. Photo by Nini. ©nini 2009

Feri Svéd 2011-03-31

Feri at Fotografiska 2011-03-31. The last picture I took of him. Photo by Nini. ©nini 2011

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