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Nini 2015-03-26 Selfie with iPhone 5S.

My name is Nini Tjäder.

I was born on August 2nd, 1943 in Stockholm, Sweden.
I am 160 cms tall (short?) and have grey-green eyes and redish-blond hair (that is getting whiter as time goes by). I wear glasses.

From the autumn 1993 until November 1st 2009 I lived in a 3-room (78 square-meters) rental apartment on the 2nd floor in a suburb southwest of Stockholm called Vårby Gård.

On November 1st 2009 I moved to Skäcklinge in Tumba (link goes to the site of our housing-cooperative) also southwest of Stockholm where I bought a 2-room (66 square-meters) apartment on the ground-foor in a housing cooperative.

I worked full time at DD Data Distribution AB as a software consultant and support person, webmaster and educator for Macintosh programs from January 1989 until December 2003. December 2nd, 2003 was my last official day there due to tough times and not enough of billable jobs of the kind I did. I kept on working there about 25 percent until the end of September 2005 without being employed, and was 75 percent un-employed during the same period. From Jan 3rd–June 3rd 2005 I had a half-time position at the Help-desk of one of Sweden’s largest daily newspapers, Aftonbladet, plus the 25 percent at DD. As from October 3rd 2005 I worked full-time at the Helpdesk at the newspaper and finally left DD for good.

On August 1st 2010 I retired and the time was then my own.
From August 2011 – December 31st 2013 I was the secretary of Skäcklinge Äng housing co-operative. I am still it’s webeditor. Time was far less my own again…

From January 1st 2014, time is my own again.

Apart from Swedish, I speak, read and write English fluently, speak Hebrew and read it slowly and write it with lots of mistakes, I speak and read some French if I have to, and speak very poor German if I absolutely must (it is easier to read).

If you want to contact me, do so on one of my email addresses: nini@ninisworld.com or nini.tjader@comhem.se or nini.tjader@gmail.com. I am also present on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/nini.tjader and Google+ and Twitter (ninitj) + Instagram (ninitj) + Pinterest (nini_tjader). My Swedish blog can be found at http://ninisworld-blog.blogspot.com/

I love doing the following (in no particular order):

• learn new things within the areas that interest me the most, which is webdesign, layout and drawing – all on a Macintosh (couldn’t live without my Macs)
• doing webdesign
• doing layouts
• testing software
• drawing and painting in water-colors (though this is so time consuming and absorbing – I tend to forget the time when I do this – and the time is sparse so I do it less than I would want to)
• gardening
• reading books, mainly Fantasy and Science Fiction and computer manuals, but also thrillers and fiction in general (I read a lot and usually carry a book with me wherever I go – and no, I do not like spoken books or eBooks, I prefer them printed on paper)
• watching movies – mainly on TV or DVDs these days, occasionally in a movie house
• travel – though that is limited due to the cost
• knitting (it’s relaxing) – an on and off occupation
• writing (and not only emails which I write a lot as an active member of several mailinglists)
• taking long walks in town or in the woods or riding my citybike
• relax in the sun (when its warm and there is a sun) reading a book
• typography and fonts
• interior decoration – mainly in the form of reading magazines and watching TV-programs about it
• watching other peoples pictures, be they art, drawings or photos
• design and fashion – mainly via TV programs, the internet and magazines



The TJÄDER is a large bird that live in the forests. This is what it looks like. This is the male bird.

The birds name in latin is TETRAS UROGALLUS.
Tjäder is my familyname.


Ira Ellenbogen

Nini, I found your blog through the Photoshop Elements site. I love your passion and enthusiasm and openness. I have had many similar experiences (Photo) wise as you. If I ever get to Sweden, I’ll have to “look you up”. Been sort of close to you in Amsterdam though (closer than normal California).

Pauline Webster

Nini. I am hoping you might be able to help. I live in Australia but have visited Sweden many times. Each time we have purchased Bengt Elde calendars from the shop in Stockholm. I could not find one last year. Do you know if there will be any for 2022 please? I just love his pictures and have many other items of his.
Many thanks

Cannot find any after 2020. They were published by nordicdesigns.se and seem to not being done any more.

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