Year: 2008

Happy Holidays

Wishing you all Happy Holidays, be it Christmas, New Year or Chanukka. Whatever you celebrate, it is nice with some holidays in the middle of the winter.

Everything is fine in my world. Too much work and too little free time as usual. I keep saying that I will write in the blog, but never really find the time for it. One of these days…. ahum.

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Yet another blog

Last night I installed and started yet another blog at (Should really do something about this one instead).

It happened only because I found another blog out there by accident that used the name ninisworld. I was Googling on my domain-name because the editors here at work (I work nights this week) had some strange problems with Google. So I tested and got the same problem. At the same time I found that blog named like my site. To be able to contact her had to register at Google and in the process I also created a blog of my own over there. It was just too easy… Seems she has now changed the name of her blog after my comment.

Have a feeling I will see her over here soon though as somebody with username The Real Nini just registred to this blog. Haven’t seen any comment so far though.

Even if my blog here isn’t all that old, my site has existed since 2001, and will continue to do so. The domain-name is mine and it is not all that fun having it beeing used by somebody else – even if we are both called Nini.

My other blog can be found here .
The other blog – which is not mine – can be found here.

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So little time…

There is so little time to spend for my own things when working full time. I’m still not getting anywhere with this blog. Not even to update WordPress – though I just did download version 2.5 of it which was just released some 2 hours ago. I even bought a book about WordPress some time ago to get more into it (WordPress for Dummies). Looks good. But where do I find the time to really do something with this blog? Do I have to go into retirement to find the time? Seems like it. I also really need to update my website. And get the Swedish part of it going and containing more than a coming soon sign. Ah well. One of these days…

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