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Happy Birthday Globen

Globen, the Globe, Ericsson Globe

The Globe, or Stockholm Globe Arena until 2009, and then Ericsson Globe, had its 25th birthday this week. Or “Globen” which we all call it. It is an interesting building. I’ve always loved its form. And I’ve worked in the building just beside it for years. First at DD Data Distribution AB, which moved into the office buildings as the 2nd tenant in the beginning of November, 25 years ago. The first tenant was Aftonbladet which moved in about the same time as DD, in its own building just beside Globen. DD moved to Medborgarplatsen when it went bankrupt and re-emerged there. I was away from Globen for a couple of years. When I later got employed at Aftonbladet I was back again.

In 2006, long before it became the Ericsson Globe, and before the Skyview was built onto the Globe, I took some series of pictures of the Globe. Most of them were taken at nights – summer nights in June most of them, that is why it is so light – when I worked nights.

Skyview goes on rails upon the Globe all up to the top and provides a breathtaking view of Stockholm – they say. I still haven’t used it. Will though one of these days… The Globe already then on and off got lighted with different colored lights at night, depending on what activity was going on inside it and/or if something else was celebrated, like Xmas or so.

Here are my pictures from 2006. Click on them to see bigger versions.

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