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Page is under construction. I am presently unable to find the floor-plan for this flat. I know I have it somewhere and will add it when/if I find it.

The flat at Diagnosvägen 1D, in Flemingsberg, Huddinge, was my very first flat in Sweden. I moved in in 1974 and stayed until November 27th 1982, when Janne and I moved on to a larger flat in the same house as mine, but in entrance F. It was as one bedroom flat, 68m2, with balcony, on the 2nd floor. The flat was brand new when I moved in. Nobody had lived in it before me.

I was surprised when I re-watched the pictures from that period. Very much red, yellow and olive green… That was what was popular during that period. I had forgotten that was how it looked…

The pictures are of bad quality and sometimes quite fuzzy. They are scanned from their original paper-versions. Click on any image to see a larger version.

The hallway

The bedroom

The kitchen

I really don’t know why all the utensils were yellow or red… I don’t even like yellow… I still like red though, but not in combination with olive green and yellow.

The livingroom

The livingroom changed over time and the pictures below are from different occasions.


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