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The sign for the block. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2004

brännkyrkagatan 44

Brännkyrkagatan 44, 2nd floor. Drawing by @nini.tjader.2016 in Adobe Illustrator CC2015.

This is the floor plan for the flat where I grew up at Brännkyrkagatan 44, 2nd floor, in Stockholm. I drew that from memory and I don’t have any measures for it. One bedroom flat with a hallway.

I lived here from 1943 until 1974 when I moved to Flemingsberg in Huddinge after moving back to Sweden after a couple of years in Israel. My father continued living here until his last days. He died on January 3rd, 1984. I haven’t been inside the building since we emptied the flat. Have just been outside when I’ve passed in the vicinity. I have no idea when my parents moved in here.


Brännkyrkagatan 44, the entrance. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2016

From outside the house looks just the same as I remember it. Behind the grey closure with graffiti on it used to be the common basement laundry for everyone in the house.

The house was one of the most modern in the block. We had both central heating and warm water (except from May to mid September when the landlord turned the heating and warm water off – could be very cold if the summer was cold). We also had WC inside, just one, but we had it, and a bathroom with a bathtub. I know that many of the houses in the block and across the street had their toilets downstairs and outside in the backside yard, and their bathrooms were in the basement for everyone in the house. I know that because I had classmates in the other houses which I sometimes visited. Our house was built in 1927.

view, brannkyrkagatan44

The view from my room at Brännkyrkagatan 44. Photo: ©nini.tjader

As we lived towards the back of the house, north-facing, we did not have much of a view (and no sun)… To know how the weather was outside you had to open the window and lean out. Then, when you got out, it had changed, as you only saw a small portion of the sky… You were also unable to tell which season it was by looking out, unless it snowed. No greenery in sight anywhere. I remember my mother hated that.


In the livingroom, view towards hallway. Photo. ©nini.tjader

I don’t have all that many pictures from this flat. If I find more, I will add them later.

The livingroom was open to the hallway, where I lived until my grandmother moved in with her sister Edit when I was around 12 and her son got married and moved out. I then got my grandmothers room, adjacent to the livingroom and the bathroom. My parents slept in the livingroom in a sofa bed. We also had a dog. How many square meters was that flat? I have no idea.


My father and his aunt Lilly in the livingroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader

The livingroom was square and roomy as I remember it. I might have more pictures somewhere. That round vase on top of the cupboard still exists in my present home.


The corner adjacent to kitchen where we ate. My father reading the newspaper. Photo. ©nini.tjader

The dining corner was the place where we ate all meals. I never liked that red wall-paper there with the wild pattern… But my parents did. My father always sat at that place. I sat opposite him and my mother at the end of the table. I don’t remember her sitting much though, always getting up to fetch things. My mother passed away already on January 26th, 1964, from breast cancer that spread to several organs.

If I find more pictures I will add them later.


I live at the adress right now and have the same floor plan. Came into this site by googling the adress. Would love to see more pictures from this flat from your childhood. And also, that closet at the entrance, it used to be a WC?! Wow… i would love to convert it back to a guest WC.

Interesting ;). As you can see I have now updated the page. I will add more pictures to the page if and when I find some. There was only that one WC in the flat, by the entrance. None in the bathroom. I guess much has changed since I lived there and since my father passed away. He lived there until 1984. I know by googling that these flats are quite expensive nowadays… Do you live on the 2nd floor or higher up in the building?

Thank you for the update and extra photos, I really appreciate it! In return, I just now took a picture from our bedroom view, trying to recreate the exact same view from that black and white photo you uploaded. I can send it to your email if you would like? We live at the top floor (4), and has been living here for almost 1 year now.

Thank you. That would be interesting to see. From the top floor you most definitely must have much more light than we did on the 2nd floor. My email is . Does the house still have that fascinating attic? I remember it from my childhood and that it had a large drying area for laundry, with wooden floors… We also had a an area there for storage-use.

You’re welcome, I thank YOU. Yes we have actually been to a showing of an apartment on the second floor and yes, it is a tad darker since that wall on the other side is so close to the windows. The attic I would think is basically the same as it was then. No renovations there, except maybe newer booths for storage. And yes, there is a big space with nothing, and I could never figure out what it is for. But wooden floors, I think not. I can go up later and check. 🙂

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