Wallpaper and textile in the same traditional pattern


This is a wallpaper in a traditional pattern. Image borrowed from Tapetstudion.se.

The above is a traditional Swedish pattern. When I was little it was used on textile for mattresses and cushions/pillows. It has now been made into a wallpaper called Bolster. I borrowed the image from Tapetstudion.se. Available in several colors.

The textile in the same pattern has also re-appeared.

runa textile

Runa pattern in textile from Ohlssons Tyger.

The textile can be found at Ohlssons Tyger and is available in several colors.

It is definitely the same pattern. Wonder what the pattern was called originally? When I was little the blue or the grey variants were the most common. I like the light blue one. Might get some for a pillow…

I wouldn’t want to have this pattern on the walls though, even if it is a nice enough pattern. This pattern always makes me think of old mattresses in poor condition…

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Secret books

bookshelves, books

Secret books. Image borrowed from the internet.

This trend to turn the titles of the books away from the viewer and hide it, to make secret books…

I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to FIND my books and see their titles… I don’t want my books to be secret.

This trend of sorting books according to color or by not at all showing which books are in the bookcase by turning their backs toward the walls… It is insulting to the books. And makes it absolutely impossible to find a particular book. Secret books.

books, bookcase

Secret books. Image borrowed from the internet.

What is the point of placing them like this?
To not get distracted by the books colors or titles?
To keep the titles secret to the viewer?

books, bookcase

Secret books. Image borrowed from the internet

Is it beautiful? No, not in my eyes.
Is it practical? No. Not at all.
It makes the bookcase totally impersonal.
Maybe that is the point of placing the books like this?

If you are not going to ever again find a particular book and only use them for decorating purposes: then use a wallpaper with books on instead.


Wallpaper with books. Image borrowed from the internet.

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