Does my dreamkitchen exist?


Kitchen from HTH-kök.

The kitchen of my dreams, does it exist?

The one that just works and has space for everything you need in a kitchen.

Where the worktops always are just big enough (so you won’t have to use the kitchen table or cover the sink with a chopping-board).

Where there of course is space enough for a big kitchen table (which can be used as a worktable for other things when needing a large, flat area).

Where you can be social and sit for a long time and eat and talk or read the paper when you are alone there.

Where there are enough shelves and cupboards for everything you need in a kitchen both for cooking and eating.

Where there is space for full height freezer and fridge.

Where it is easy to keep it clean.

A larder would be great…. and drawers in the bottom cupboards instead of shelves.


Kitchen from HTH-kök.

No open shelves that collect fat from the cooking.

No open plan open to the livingroom so that fat and the smell of cooking spread into the livingroom.


Kitchen without upper cupboards.

If you look in Swedish kitchen catalogues the trend with very few or no upper cupboards is reigning.

If you look in Swedish – or other – decorating magazines, they often don’t have any real cupboards either. I fail to see where they keep all the stuff that is needed in a kitchen.

Presently the trend is that walls do not have any cupboards and eventual shelves are open.

The present trend also is a lot of country-kitchens (which I don’t like), and shabby chic (which I don’t like either).

Or terrible, pleated cloth in front of the bottom cupboards instead of doors. How dirty and not fresh looking will that be after the first time you do the dishes or cook or prepare the food?

And chest panels (or other panels) are also frequent.



Plane and easy to clean is how I would want it. And white (or light grey). And fresh. And I do not want any fat-collecting shelves on top of the upper kitchen cupboards please (I’ve had that i some of the flats where I’ve lived). The upper cupboards need to go all the way up to the the ceiling.

Good lighting both over the kitchen table and worktops is a must. Space for cookbooks and canned and dry goods is needed. I’d love to have a kitchen island. But not an industrial kitchen with stainless steel. Covering cupboard doors (no glass windows in the doors where you see the content). Built-in oven and microwave in a comfortable height from the floor.

And who is it that has come up with the idea that a smallish household or a one-person household only need a small combi-freezer-fridge? Particularly then you need full-size fridge and freezer (so you can take advantage of the cheaper prices for larger packages of food-stuff etc.).



And who wants a cut-glass chandelier in the kitchen? How greasy will that become after a while?

Will have to keep on dreaming. And get amazed over the kitchens that today are shown in most decorating magazines. Practical? No, they aren’t. Good-looking on pictures? Well, to a certain extent, yes. But just to look at, not to use.

Top two images are from HTH-kök, the others from Sköna Hem kitchen-galleries).

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