And it is Xmas again (and Chanucka)



I don’t celebrate Christmas. Or  Chanucka. Haven’t celebrate Christmas since my dad was alive. He died in January 1984. Until then Janne and I did celebrate it for the sake of my dad. Janne didn’t much like celebrating Christmas either. As long as he got Christmas ham he was satisfied.

And I don’t have a Christmas tree. I would if I had the space for it. I like Christmas trees because of the scent from them. And the lights and the decorations.

And I do eat certain Christmas food. Like Christmas ham, for instance. And boiled rice pudding. I can be without the rest and do not miss it.

I also like light-decorations outside and inside. Because it is so dark this time of the year. And I like lots of lit candles.

No present to anybody. Not even to myself from myself.

But I do send Christmas cards. At least to my elderly cousins who almost all are not on the internet or have email. I think they’d be disappointed if they didn’t get the Christmas cards. I like getting Christmas cards myself. You see once a year that people are still around. But I’ve considered stopping sending Christmas cards. It is way too expensive.

I don’t like traditions. Rituals. Or all the “musts”.

It is stiff. So confining. So limiting.

Some people just have to have traditions and feel insecure without them.

I don’t have that need.

And I don’t belong to any confession either.

But can celebrate that the light is returning. Because now it is. The winter solstice has passed. The light is coming back. That IS something to celebrate.

[I’ve borrow the image above from a post on FaceBook].

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