Wall decoration

headboard bed

I finally put up the IKEA wall-decoration at the head of my bed, which lacks a headboard (and I haven’t been able to find one as the bed is 120cm wide at headboards doesn’t seem to be made for that size) . I have holes in the wall-paper (from my previous bed-lamps) that I wanted to hide.

This is the result. Is it acceptable?

It said on the cover to these decorations that they could be removed without harming the wall-paper … Well… That is not true. If you try to remove it you also remove parts of the wall-paper.

When tire of this decoration I will have to redo the entire wall and either paint it or put up new wall-paper. I am not all that fond of the green color of the present wall-paper. For now this will do. For a while at least.


Try painting the green leaves to tone down the color. I have a friend who is forever repainting things… quilts, everything, if she doesn’t like the color.

The leaves look greener in the picture than they are in reality. I am still looking for “something else” for a head board. Or to buy one roll of wall-paper to cover the part under the picture strip. This one http://pinterest.com/pin/227009637438841705/ for instance?

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