White chests of drawers

When passing IKEA the other day I saw this really nice chest of drawers called NORDLI. (Unable to find it at the US Ikea site).

chedtofddrawers, Nordli, byrå

NORDLI, chest of drawers from Ikea. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

There are several models and sizes with different number of drawers of the NORDLI chest of drawers.

I love it. If I had the space for it, there is no doubt about it that I would get one, in a for me appropriate size. I like the flat front without any handles to get stuck in or hurt by, just the small opening instead of a handle. And in the above model I also like how they have combined the drawers to get a non-conform look of them. The price is also reasonable.

IKEA also has HEMNES, which is nice, but I prefer the look of the above NORDLI. A lot more to my taste.

hemnes chest of drawers

HEMNES. Picture from IKEA.

Another Ikea classic is MALM, that comes in various models, sizes, number of drawers and colors or veneers but also in white (I have the three drawers in oak veneer, which isn’t available in the US, and two small ones with two drawers, also in oak veneer).


MALM. Picture from IKEA

Another model of chest of drawers is SNÖ from Asplund that I really love. The price though is more than four times higher for this, as it usually is for designer products.


SNOW. Picture from Urban LIving.se

snow from asplund

SNOW. Picture from Urban Living.se

If I could afford it, SNOW from Asplund would be on my wishlist… but I think NORDLI from Ikea is almost as goodlooking.

There are of course several other white chests of drawers out there. I choose these ones.



I cannot really recommend the NORDLI series, in fact, i recently returned two chests of drawers. The quality is so-so given the relatively high price (for IKEA). Reason for return was that they are made from particleboard and especially MDF and just wouldn’t stop smelling and off-gassing even after 6 weeks of heavy effort to air them out.

My drawers keep coming off and pulling the handles out (the nordli chest of drawers)! What have I done wrong??

As for what you have done wrong it is hard to say. Check that you have assembled it right and fastened every part of it as hard and well as it should be.

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