Trendy Things That are Everywhere

I recently wrote about trendy things I dislike. There are also more of those trendy things that every interior design blog and magazine about interior design show and write about. Some of them I am a bit ambivalent about. Like these ones below.

vas_dagg, vase_dagg

This is the vase “Dagg”. You can get it at Svenskt Tenn for SEK 2.800… First of all I would never pay that much for a vase. Secondly, I don’t even think it is beautiful… It is just trendy, just now.


Then there is the above carpet. The Beni Ourain carpet.  Long-haired wool carpets. Particularly this pattern and style is seen everywhere. I do not really like it. Longhaired. Looks like those untidy off-white shepherd carpets you saw a lot of in the 70-ties. Some of these carpets are very folkloristic in style. I should like them, right? I don’t though. Particularly not when you see them just everywhere.


There is also the brass trend. I like brass candle holders. I don’t like large flower pots in brass. And then there are all the other brass things that keep popping up. In the end it jsut becomes too much. Granted, I myself have a group of brass candle holders, which I love. I would like to add more brass candle holders to that. I have a brass lamp in the living room window, and I have three small brass buckets hanging in one of the kitchen windows, but I wouldn’t want to add more other brass things.

Finally there is Kubus by Lassen.

bylassen kubus_bylassen

I am really ambivalent here. I both like and don’t like. I like the clean lines. I like the white models. I don’t like the brass models… I like the variations. I like the bowls more than I like the candle holders. I even entered a competition to win one of these… Hmm.

The problem is when certain items are seen just everywhere. Particularly when it is design items that are really expensive to acquire. I have no problem seeing Ikea things just everywhere, that is expected. But these… and the ones I dislike which I mentioned in another post.

All images are borrowed from the internet, something I normally don’t do. I try having my own images. In this case I don’t own the items so have no choice.


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