Timeless design

timeless, design, funnels

Timeless design. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2018

I have some items which I have inherited from my parents which I still use. They all have a very timeless design that is good. These items are still very useful.

These funnels for instance I use very frequently to fill bottles or other things when I need to. they are enameled metal from Kockums. White with a blue rim. I’ve seen them all my life. Nowadays the enameled items from Kockums are collectors items and frequently sold at auctions.

Another funnel/with holes in/ from the same time is the above of stainless steel. Still useful. Never brakes…

pancaketool, spatula, timeless design

A tool for pancakes. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2018

Then there is timeless tool for turning pancakes around to its other side. It is old and ugly and has been used at least since I was a child. This is the only tool which is reliable to flip a pancake to the other side when done on the first side. For a long time there were none of this tool to be found in shops. I really tried to find a newer and better-looking one to exchange this one but didn’t manage. Now it has reappeared. Still the same form of it though as this is the only one that works. Some use regular turners for this purpose, but they are not as good at turning the pancakes around.

pancakeiron, timeless design

Pancake iron. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2018

Then there is the old pancake iron. Made of iron. Heavy. But the best to make pancakes in.

pancakeiron, timeless design

Pancake iron for small pancakes “plättlagg” in Swedish. Photos: ©nini.tjader.2018

And then there is the fryingpan for making small pancakes. Called “plättlagg” in Swedish. Both the above I’ve inherited from my mother and have seen all my life. I use both on and off still today.

And the iron pot which was/is used for stews or casseroles. Also heavy iron. Can be used on open fire. When I was little we had a gas stove and it was used there in its oven for the casserole we got once a week as long as my mother was alive (she died at age 55). A really timeless kitchen item with timeless design. Still very useable. I got really fed up with the Sunday casserole though and have never cooked that again in grown-up life. Other casseroles though I like and sometimes use this iron pot for them.

ironpans, timeless design

Timeless design for iron pans. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2018

I’ve also kept the two ironpans. They are way too heavy though to cook comfortably with. But they are good.

There are also some ceramic pots that have a timeless design. Like the one below. When I was a child it was used to store butter in and kept in the cold storage cupboard we had. There were no fridges at the time. It presently serves a as a flowerpot for some small cactuses which are planted in a pot that is smaller than this one and put inside.

timeless design

Timeless design. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2018

These are only some examples of timeless design that lasts still today. These will be around and used for many years still.

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Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2015

Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2015


Mirror, mirror on the wall… Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Saturday I spent 4.5 hours at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2015 at Älvsjömässan in Stockholm during the day that we, the general public, had access to the fair.

Got the impression that there were more people there this year than previous years. But, the fair is big and used all the halls, so people were rather spread out. I made Hall A and Hall B pretty thoroughly as those were the most interesting (in my eyes). I made a quick visit to the Green House hall, and an even faster walk-through of Hall C. Hall C was the least interesting och mainly a lot of carpet mongers, lamp shops and regular furniture shops without anything particularly new to show. I’ve understood afterwards though that I missed out on the trend-exhibition in Hall C. Have no idea where they had hidden that one…


Love this side-table. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Generally can be said that there was a lot of furniture with lacquered steel, fewer sofas than previous years, lighter and smaller furniture, many small round tables, transparent lampglass with the inner lamp visible through. Still a lot of brass, but less copper. Almost no bathrooms or kitchens. More colors than previous years, but at the same time a lot of black. And blue. And natural materials. The interiors also often used green plants, a lot of cactus, in the interiors.


Lamps. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015


Small, round tables. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

The mirror at the top of the page with the lighting has real plants around the edge. And it is me in the mirror.

To walk around the fair for 4,5 hours was hard work. My step-counter reached 12 413 steps or 9,3 km. That includes the walks to and from the buses and the commuter train to get there from home and back. I didn’t walk any more that day.

My images from the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2015 images are published here. You can also reach the images via the menu above under Galleries. NOTE that there are around 98 images so it might take some time to load the first time. Don’t give up though, they will appear in the end.

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Trendy Things That are Everywhere

I recently wrote about trendy things I dislike. There are also more of those trendy things that every interior design blog and magazine about interior design show and write about. Some of them I am a bit ambivalent about. Like these ones below.

vas_dagg, vase_dagg

This is the vase “Dagg”. You can get it at Svenskt Tenn for SEK 2.800… First of all I would never pay that much for a vase. Secondly, I don’t even think it is beautiful… It is just trendy, just now.


Then there is the above carpet. The Beni Ourain carpet.  Long-haired wool carpets. Particularly this pattern and style is seen everywhere. I do not really like it. Longhaired. Looks like those untidy off-white shepherd carpets you saw a lot of in the 70-ties. Some of these carpets are very folkloristic in style. I should like them, right? I don’t though. Particularly not when you see them just everywhere.


There is also the brass trend. I like brass candle holders. I don’t like large flower pots in brass. And then there are all the other brass things that keep popping up. In the end it jsut becomes too much. Granted, I myself have a group of brass candle holders, which I love. I would like to add more brass candle holders to that. I have a brass lamp in the living room window, and I have three small brass buckets hanging in one of the kitchen windows, but I wouldn’t want to add more other brass things.

Finally there is Kubus by Lassen.

bylassen kubus_bylassen

I am really ambivalent here. I both like and don’t like. I like the clean lines. I like the white models. I don’t like the brass models… I like the variations. I like the bowls more than I like the candle holders. I even entered a competition to win one of these… Hmm.

The problem is when certain items are seen just everywhere. Particularly when it is design items that are really expensive to acquire. I have no problem seeing Ikea things just everywhere, that is expected. But these… and the ones I dislike which I mentioned in another post.

All images are borrowed from the internet, something I normally don’t do. I try having my own images. In this case I don’t own the items so have no choice.

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No, I will not buy that office-chair

comet office chair

After a week I got an answer from the firm that makes this chair (called COMET) about where to buy it and the price.

Price is approximately SEK 8.705 + VAT, in medium range cloth. That is WAY too expensive. At least for me. So I will NOT buy it.

Now will keep on looking what else is available out there that I can afford. With five wheels, adjustable height and armrests.

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Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2014

So I spent about three hours a the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2014 yesterday. That is about as long you can be at a fair in my experience. Then you get too tired to see anything more or take anything more in. I didn’t visit Hall C!  Suspected as much after having visited Hall A, Hall B and the Green House. But by then I wouldn’t have been able to see more. What did I miss in Hall C, I wonder? Always a nice experience though. It is SO nice to look at all the beautiful furniture and lights there.

Muuto sofas and chairs

Muuto sofas and chairs – Photo: Nini ©nini.tjader.2014

How about trends then? This year, softer profiles, lots of pastels, lots of greys and greys and greys (which I love). And greens (which I do not particularly like unless we are talking about plants). Natural materials. No patterns, structure instead. Playful forms at times. Lots of new and nice lights. This is a personal report from the fair.

Lamps on the wall

Lamps on the wall – Photo: Nini ©nini.tjader.2014

All my pictures from the fair can be found here.

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