Trendy things I dislike

In fashion and in interior design everything is coming back it seems. From the past I mean… Some of the things that are trendy I find to be terribly ugly. At least in my eyes. Other apparently like them. Some examples of these below.
Images are borrowed from around the internet.

50ties femtiotal

Things or looks from the 50-ties… Shiny mahogany furniture with thin legs… Brownish. Or beige.  Those of us who grew up with this kind of furniture usually do not want to see it again. Who wants to have a home that looks like the one you grew up in? I definitely don’t for the most of it. I admit there are certain items that I like, but most of them… no thanks.


Crinkled linen sheets. They are everywhere in each and every interior design article in magazines and on the blogs too.  The above ones look almost OK, but the problem with them is: they are crinkled, and they get more and more crinkled over time. It doesn’t look fresh. It looks like you have left the bed and forgot to make it.


Wooden floors are nice. But the fish-bone patterned parquet floors… no, I do not want to see them again. There are ways to make patterned wooden floors that are nicer. These were everywhere when I grew up. I really think the straight patterns are much nicer.


Flaking paint… no, no, no… please. Clean it up and repaint it nicely, but don’t leave it like this!


Rusty metal things for decoration… either naturally rusty or fake rusty, just looking rusty. Never in MY home.


Words in wood (or similar) saying things like “Love”, “Home”, “Carpe Diem”, “Welcome”… Really dislike. Looks so cheap.

keepcalmandcarryon poster

Posters with words or sentences on.  Supposedly saying something clever. Some have, I admit, nice typography and layout, but having to look at some clever saying as soon as you get into a home or a room… Tiresome.

pink and black living room

Pink interiors? There are much worse examples than the above one. Wouldn’t be able to be in a pink room like that without wanting to run out again as soon as possible. The shelves and the floor and the vase are OK, but the rest is too…. pink.


Pastel interiors? At least here the sofa is white and the carpet and part of the walls and curtains too. The room lacks a contrasting, stronger color. Too much pastels. Too baby-ish.

ananasThe gilded pineapple… Why does so many who write about interior design today find this a desirable object to have in ones home? I fail to see its beauty… The pineapple tower in Scotland is quite interesting though…


The Gino Sarfatti lamp for Flos. It is everywhere. Big, heavy thing… Expensive too. In a recent issue of the interior design magazine I subscribe to, it was shown about five times, in five different articles, in the same issue of the magazine. It appears just everywhere these days. Either like here in metal color, or in brass color. I don’t think it is beautiful. It is just too much.

There are more items like that. But I’ll stop here for now.


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