The Furniture & Light Fair, Stockholm 2018


The Furniture & Light Fair, Stockholm 2018. At the entrance exhibition by Paola Navone. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2018

The Furniture & Light Fair, Stockholm 2018

On Saturday I visited the Furniture & Light Fair, Stockholm 2018. I visit this fair every year. It is interesting. There are beautiful and innovative furnitures and lights shown. It is my favourite fair.

The fair is big though. They fill all the three halls of the Stockholm Fair ground. By the time you get to Hall C, you are exhausted and don’t really see what you are looking at… One thing I appreciate with this particular fair is that they do not sell anything except to resellers.

The entrance exhibition by Paola Navone was wild and craxy. I kind of liked the hug flowerlamps though…

chargeablelamp, lamp

Chargeable by usb lamp. This small lamp you can carry with you. You charge it by usb-cable. It lasts for about 20 hours. In the shops it costs SERK 1800. On the fair you could get it for SEK1000. The attachable fixture that hangs over the side of the chair is an add-on. I didnät ask for the price of that.

As for the furnitures and lights… there are beautiful things and there are wild things. Less office furniture this year than previous years. As for trends? I see lots of black details. There is still natural materials in wood and carpets in natures own beige colors… Less pink. Less pastels. The lamps and lightings are interesting and with the LED technique I guess the possibilities to create real interesting lightings is much larger than the lamps from former days. Lots of small stools. Lots of small chargeable lamps that you can carry with you. Lots of thing metal legs on small side-tables.

Someone has looked too close on the similar stool from Ikea I would say… Photo: ©nini.tjader.2018

Others may have reported from the fair with more details like the names of the producers and such. I intentionally don’t. I am more interested in trends and looks than the producers. But here are some of my impressions that I caught on picture.

Hover over the images to see eventual text about the picture. Re-load page to get the images in a different order.

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Flexible sofa daybed from Ikea

ikea, tomdixon

Flexible sofa daybed. Photo: IKEA

Ikea recently announced a very flexible and useful sofa daybed. Here in Sweden it will be introduced on Feb 9th 2018 and according to the information be sold for two years. Which means you don’t have to rush it to get one if you want one…

sofa, daybed, ikea, tomdixon, furniture

Flexibel sofa daybed. Photo: IKEA

I totally fell in love with it.

On February 9 th 2018 IKEA and Tom Dixon announces DELAKTIG: An open ”platform for life”, based on a frame of aluminium. The idea is that DELAKTIG will challenge design-conventions in the furniture branch and welcome everyine to add functions of their own or totally change it.

IKEA and Tom Dixon have also designed add-ons which complement the platform. The add-ons can be combined in several different ways. Add armrests and a lamp. Add a table and new cover for the back-pillow. Change position of the armrests. Change the armrests. Add more pillows. Or change the cover.

Salestart: February 9th 2018
Salesperiod: 2 years

soifa, daybed, furniture. ikea, tomdixon

Flexible sofa daybed. Photo: IKEA

This one would be the perfect sofa-daybed-guestbed in my livingroom as I see it.

Of course I need to see it in real life, sit on it and feel its materials, see the colors in reality, before I make up my mind. But on pictures it looks just perfect.

sofa, daybed, furniture, ikea, tomdixon

Flexible sofa daybed. Photo: IKEA

I like the simplicity and clean lines of it. And I like the flexibility.

sofa, daybed, furniture. ikea, tomdixon

Flexible sofa daybed. Photo: IKEA

If I get this one I have to get rid of the KARLSTAD 2-seater i presently have (which I recently had the cover cleaned for SEK945 as it was really dirty). I know selling used sofas online is a more or less dead market and you get next to nothing for a used sofa, if you at all manage to sell it. But to get a new sofa in, the old one has to go.

sofa, daybed, furniture, ikea, tomdixon

Sofa daybed. Photo:IKEA

It comes in light grey, dark grey or blue and in various sizes.

sofa, daybed, furniture, ikea, tomdixon

Sofa daybed. Photo. IKEA

Download the IKEA_pressmaterial_DELAKTIG_Tom_Dixon_9feb_2018 in Swedish for more details, ictures and prices here.

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The chaise longue is now gone


The chaise longue. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2017

The chaise longue is now gone. Sold it on and it was paid for and collected on Friday past. It has now gotten a new life in Norrköping.


The chaise longue. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

I bought it when I lived at Vårby Gård where I had a larger livingroom than here. It is very comfortable, but too short to sleep in (except for short whiles in front of the TV). I bought it with white cover. Later, after I moved to the present flat, I had a new lightgrey cover done and bought from Bemz. Bemz does covers for Ikea furniture in lots of qualities and colors and patterns. Ikea no longer makes this model of the Ektorp chaise lounge with an arm rest. They already didn’t when I wanted an extra cover for.


The chaise longue with light grey cover from Bemz. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

The last couple of years I’ve on and off considered selling the chaise longue because it took up too much space in the livingroom. And now I finally got around to putting it up for sale. It took a couple of weeks before I had a buyer, but in the end it went out the door and I could make the changes in the livingroom that I wanted to do.


The livingroom without the chaise longue. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

My livingroom became an entirely new room without the chaise longue.  So much new space… So airy…


The livingroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

The fitnessbike also got a new placement which opened up the entire space in front of the bookcase.


The fitnessbike. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

I placed the fitnessbike at the spot where the smaller chair (Ektorp Jennylund from Ikea) used to be. Also from here I can watch the TV when on the bike. (That is important as it is SO boring to be on the bike).


The livingroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

The chair is in a much better place now and I can also use the foot-rest the way it is supposed to be used (instead of having it hidden more or less under the sofa-table by the TV). This became a very inviting spot to sit.


The livingroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

I had more plans for moving the furniture around, but I won’t do that just now. I am presently happy with how it turned out now with the chaise longue gone.


The livingroom window. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

A bonus with this change is that I got better space for the plants that live in front of the livingroomwindow over the winter season. The largest aloe vera, which for a couple of months has been living in the bedroom, now has been moved back to the livingroom and placed near to the floor in case it would fall over (it is very unstable).

Gustav (the neighbours male cat) came in briefly on Saturday and stopped in the door looking very disturbed. His chair was not where it used to be and there was a fitnessbike there instead, and the chair was moved… He ran out fast. He, like most cats, does not like changes. He has been in with his owner after that, and that went much better. In the end he will accept the change.


The livingroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

Even in the evening the larger plants are now visible instead of being hidden behind the back of the chaise longue. Both the aloe vera and the figtrees have special plant-lighting to enable them to survive winter indoors with poor light conditions.

One of the reasons to get rid of the chaise longue was to get space for an eventual guestbed… But I won’t place a guestbed here after all. On the other hand, if I move the fitnessbike, there is good space there for an inflatable guestbed in that spot.

I’ve also moved around a lot of the lamps and lightings to get them in better spots. Having good light in all corners is important. I have one smallish table too much and one floor-lamp too many. Presently I don’t know where exactly they will end up. I also suddenly have too many cushions as there is no chaise longue any more to put some of them on.

I am happy with this change of the livingroom. It feels so much more inviting now than it did before I got rid of the chaise longue.


The livingroom at night. Photo:©nini.tjader.2017

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The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017. The entrance exhibition by Jaime Hayon. Photo. ©nini.tjader.2017

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017 is now over. I visit this fair every year to see new trends, beautiful furniture and lightings and to get impressions and input on what is to come in the near future when it comes to furniture and light. This year was no exception. I was there.

I visited on the one day that is for the common people, like me. The fair goes on almost the entire week for the pros. One of few fairs where you cannot buy anything unless you are a company. Liberating.

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2017

Overall impression was that the furniture is more rounded and stuffed than previous years. There are more colors. There was a lot of blond wood everywhere. There were less office chairs, more regular chairs, less office interiors, more interesting lightings (both in form and expression), more diningtables/conference tables.

This year I managed to visit all three halls and a short visit to the Green room hall. I even sat down for a while in the C hall and listened to an event about trends.

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017. Photo: nini.tjader.2017

I took fewer photos this year than I use to. But, I’ll show you the ones I did take. I do not keep track on designers and/or firms or who did what. I just look at how things look and if I like them or find them interesting in one way or the other.

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017. Photo:©nini.tjader.2017

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Where did I see this before?

Image from Instagram

Some time ago this image of this bookcase/room-divider appeared in my Instagram flow.

I immediately thought: Where did I see this bookcase/room-divider before?

Well… Ikea of course. Their bookcase called VALJE. Not the same of course, but very similar though the Ikea model has a backside, the above does not.

Similar? Yes. I would guess that the price is far from similar though…


Ikea VALJE. Image from Ikea.

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Lookalike shelves and tables


Shelf by byLassen. TWIN.

There are certain things that seem to pop up everywhere in more or less the same form looking very much alike. Shelves, like the one above from byLassen, is one of those forms. When I saw this, recently announced by byLassen, my first thought was that I had seen it before. But where? Also available as a table.

sideboard, mio

Olivia, sideboard by MIO.

Was it the one at MIO? I have the above sideboard. Also available as a table and some other models.

table, olivia, mio

Olivia by MIO.

We can also compare it to IKEAs series VITTSJÖ, which gives the same expression.

vittsjö, ikea

Vittsjö by IKEA.



All come in either black or white and sometimes some other colors as well.

Is it only me that find them very similar? Except the price of course which varies wildly. I like the form of them, their expression. In the end what you choose depends on the measures and the price.

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Very similar shelves, or…?


IKEA Valje. Photo from

I like low shelves and always wish I had the space for them. Unfortunately I don’t.

Ikea has for some time had this shelf, VALJE, SEK 995/USD 99. I like it. 100x83x30. So, when I got an email from showing the below shelf, I thought, wait-a-minute, haven’t I seen that shelf before? Aren’t they very similar?  The one from Bolia is 70x70x35 in size and now costs SEK1979 on sale (did cost SEK 3299). So, smaller and more expensive and no legs, yes. But in my eyes they are very similar. Both models come in various looks/colors.


Screenshot from

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Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2015

Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2015


Mirror, mirror on the wall… Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Saturday I spent 4.5 hours at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2015 at Älvsjömässan in Stockholm during the day that we, the general public, had access to the fair.

Got the impression that there were more people there this year than previous years. But, the fair is big and used all the halls, so people were rather spread out. I made Hall A and Hall B pretty thoroughly as those were the most interesting (in my eyes). I made a quick visit to the Green House hall, and an even faster walk-through of Hall C. Hall C was the least interesting och mainly a lot of carpet mongers, lamp shops and regular furniture shops without anything particularly new to show. I’ve understood afterwards though that I missed out on the trend-exhibition in Hall C. Have no idea where they had hidden that one…


Love this side-table. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Generally can be said that there was a lot of furniture with lacquered steel, fewer sofas than previous years, lighter and smaller furniture, many small round tables, transparent lampglass with the inner lamp visible through. Still a lot of brass, but less copper. Almost no bathrooms or kitchens. More colors than previous years, but at the same time a lot of black. And blue. And natural materials. The interiors also often used green plants, a lot of cactus, in the interiors.


Lamps. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015


Small, round tables. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

The mirror at the top of the page with the lighting has real plants around the edge. And it is me in the mirror.

To walk around the fair for 4,5 hours was hard work. My step-counter reached 12 413 steps or 9,3 km. That includes the walks to and from the buses and the commuter train to get there from home and back. I didn’t walk any more that day.

My images from the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2015 images are published here. You can also reach the images via the menu above under Galleries. NOTE that there are around 98 images so it might take some time to load the first time. Don’t give up though, they will appear in the end.

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A temporary office chair…


As I’ve written about before, I am exchanging my old and worn out office chair. The cloth is so thin and torn by now that I actually shouldn’t show it… it’s embarrassing.

Next saturday (May 10th) it is going into the container and gets dumped. We have cleaning days in the housing cooperative where I live and I have a chance to get rid of it by throwing it into the container. As I don’t have a car, that is my best chance of getting rid of it.

Only problem is that my new, ordered office chair, is not being delivered until mid July. I cannot use a regular chair from the kitchen or so as those are too low to sit comfortably in front of my stationary iMac. I am simply too short for that. And I don’t want to work on the MacBook Pro as that screen is too small for my taste.

So what to do? I bought a temporary, very cheap, new office chair from Ikea. At the total cost of SEK149… (USD 21.99).

officechair, alrik It will do for two months. As it doesn’t have any armrests, my elbows might also heal and get less touch-sensitive during that time. This chair is only temporary, not the most comfortable, but … it will do for this short time.

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Black, White and Grey in the Livingroom

According to my neighbor, I only have black, white and grey in my home. That’s almost true.

chaiselongue, livingroom

Chaiselongue (Ektorp by Ikea) in the livingroom. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

I happen to like to have black, white and grey around me. It is restful. Comfortable. How my choice of color adher to feng-shui rules I have absolutely no idea…

sofa, livingroom

Karlstad sofa by Ikea. Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

sofa, livingroom

Livingroom sofa (Karlstad by Ikea). Photo:©nini.tjader.2014

It is not entirely true though that everything is black, white and grey. The big carpet in the livingroom is either blue (presently) or very colorful (had a green-yellow-red one over winter). I also have some colorful pictures on the walls. And the books in the bookcases add color as well (and I do NOT sort my books according to the color on their backs). The bookcases (Billy by Ikea) and the cupboards (Bestå by Ikea) in the livingroom are all oak veneer and the sofa-table is massive oak (by HansK). Not black, white or grey…

sofa, livingroom


The sofa (Karlstad by Ikea) is presently grey. I have a white cover for the sofa too that I plan to put on over summer.


Livingroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

The small grey chair to the left (Ektorp Jennylund by Ikea) will also get a white cover for the summer. Over winter I usually have colorful pillowcases on the pillows. Just now most of the pillows are black and white though. Changing color of the pillows is an easy way to change the look and feel of the room.

When I first saw this flat 4,5 years ago, the walls in the living room were sunny yellow… That is NOT my favorite color. So, before I moved in, I painted the walls grey. It is a light grey that is easy to combine with any other color. Love it. Walls should be neutral in my opinion. Then you are not stuck with any particular color and can combine both furniture, pillows, carpets and pictures on the walls just as you like.

I really do not want more color in the living room. What is there now is enough.

Below is how it looks over winter with the colorful carpet – which I got for free from a neighbor who planned to throw it out . Somehow there is a need for more color during the dark season.

livingroom, carpet

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2013



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Trendy things I dislike

In fashion and in interior design everything is coming back it seems. From the past I mean… Some of the things that are trendy I find to be terribly ugly. At least in my eyes. Other apparently like them. Some examples of these below.
Images are borrowed from around the internet.

50ties femtiotal

Things or looks from the 50-ties… Shiny mahogany furniture with thin legs… Brownish. Or beige.  Those of us who grew up with this kind of furniture usually do not want to see it again. Who wants to have a home that looks like the one you grew up in? I definitely don’t for the most of it. I admit there are certain items that I like, but most of them… no thanks.


Crinkled linen sheets. They are everywhere in each and every interior design article in magazines and on the blogs too.  The above ones look almost OK, but the problem with them is: they are crinkled, and they get more and more crinkled over time. It doesn’t look fresh. It looks like you have left the bed and forgot to make it.


Wooden floors are nice. But the fish-bone patterned parquet floors… no, I do not want to see them again. There are ways to make patterned wooden floors that are nicer. These were everywhere when I grew up. I really think the straight patterns are much nicer.


Flaking paint… no, no, no… please. Clean it up and repaint it nicely, but don’t leave it like this!


Rusty metal things for decoration… either naturally rusty or fake rusty, just looking rusty. Never in MY home.


Words in wood (or similar) saying things like “Love”, “Home”, “Carpe Diem”, “Welcome”… Really dislike. Looks so cheap.

keepcalmandcarryon poster

Posters with words or sentences on.  Supposedly saying something clever. Some have, I admit, nice typography and layout, but having to look at some clever saying as soon as you get into a home or a room… Tiresome.

pink and black living room

Pink interiors? There are much worse examples than the above one. Wouldn’t be able to be in a pink room like that without wanting to run out again as soon as possible. The shelves and the floor and the vase are OK, but the rest is too…. pink.


Pastel interiors? At least here the sofa is white and the carpet and part of the walls and curtains too. The room lacks a contrasting, stronger color. Too much pastels. Too baby-ish.

ananasThe gilded pineapple… Why does so many who write about interior design today find this a desirable object to have in ones home? I fail to see its beauty… The pineapple tower in Scotland is quite interesting though…


The Gino Sarfatti lamp for Flos. It is everywhere. Big, heavy thing… Expensive too. In a recent issue of the interior design magazine I subscribe to, it was shown about five times, in five different articles, in the same issue of the magazine. It appears just everywhere these days. Either like here in metal color, or in brass color. I don’t think it is beautiful. It is just too much.

There are more items like that. But I’ll stop here for now.

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No, I will not buy that office-chair

comet office chair

After a week I got an answer from the firm that makes this chair (called COMET) about where to buy it and the price.

Price is approximately SEK 8.705 + VAT, in medium range cloth. That is WAY too expensive. At least for me. So I will NOT buy it.

Now will keep on looking what else is available out there that I can afford. With five wheels, adjustable height and armrests.

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Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2014

So I spent about three hours a the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2014 yesterday. That is about as long you can be at a fair in my experience. Then you get too tired to see anything more or take anything more in. I didn’t visit Hall C!  Suspected as much after having visited Hall A, Hall B and the Green House. But by then I wouldn’t have been able to see more. What did I miss in Hall C, I wonder? Always a nice experience though. It is SO nice to look at all the beautiful furniture and lights there.

Muuto sofas and chairs

Muuto sofas and chairs – Photo: Nini ©nini.tjader.2014

How about trends then? This year, softer profiles, lots of pastels, lots of greys and greys and greys (which I love). And greens (which I do not particularly like unless we are talking about plants). Natural materials. No patterns, structure instead. Playful forms at times. Lots of new and nice lights. This is a personal report from the fair.

Lamps on the wall

Lamps on the wall – Photo: Nini ©nini.tjader.2014

All my pictures from the fair can be found here.

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