The office-chair, part IV

The hunt for a new office-chair goes on.
Went into town yesterday to test-sit in one of the chairs I had in mind, a Charles Eames chair.
I don’t want to buy a new office chair without knowing if it is comfortable or not.
Found one, but without wheels, at Nordiska Galleriet. It IS comfortable.

Also, got a recommendation from an ex-blogger via Instagram that it is comfortable. Her son has one. Herself she has a Saarinen Tulip chair which, she says, is not all that comfortable. So, I didn’t sit in the one with wheels, but the one without wheels. I need wheels, or it is too low for me to reach my keyboard and to see my screen comfortably. (I’m too short for chairs that cannot be adjusted in height).

Charles Eames DAR

No, I will NOT buy an orange chair… 😉

Charles Eames DAR

Charles Eames DAR

White maybe?

Question is, from where to buy it? In which color? White? Black? Those are the only two colors I consider. In plastic or in glass fiber? Plastic is matt, glass fiber is shiny. Or so I’ve understood it. Price-wise it differs about SEK1000 between one and the other. The glass fiber variant being the more expensive. Is glass fiber the more durable?

I will not buy the original though. Way too expensive. But there are replicas at various online shops. I just hope that quality etc. can be trusted. Can INFURN be trusted? They presently has free delivery.

Charles Eames office chairA black one maybe?

A cushion to sit on is easy to DIY. Or buy one of those available everywhere for dining room chairs.

IKEA has a similar one (not on their site presently), in plastic, various colors, for SEK149… Not quite the quality I want… felt like very weak plastic when I tested it the other day. Price is fantastic though…

I’ll think about it another day or two before making the final decision.


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