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The Office-Chair, part VI

It was too good to be true… I know, it was a fake designer chair, but I could never be able to afford the genuine thing. I know you are not supposed to buy the copies… but if they don’t want us to, set the price for the originals to a more affordable level.

office-chair, charles eames dar, infurn

As it seems, I will not get the office-chair I ordered and paid for in March. Company has disappeared from the face of earth… and gone bankrupt. Got this email on May 27th:


Dear Customer

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you in the past, especially since the beginning of May 2014 regarding your outstanding order.

Unfortunately has suffered financial difficulties due to the loss of several business partners from February 2014 onwards.

Please be advised that the group of companies behind the web shop have instructed UHY Hacker Young LLP (Turnaround and Recovery Specialists) to review the financial position of the group of companies.

Due to UHY Hacker Young LLP’s review of the financial situation of the group and after discussions with them, it is apparent that the group of companies are insolvent and shall all be entering an insolvency process.

Due to the impending Liquidation of Infurn Limited, the service company of the group which ran the business of customer support, you were not informed of this situation. Infurn Limited ceased trading on 2 May 2014 as they were dependent on funding from the trading company of the group, Livingdesign SL.

We are in the process of instructing lawyers/insolvency experts in Spain with the assistance of UHY Hacker Young LLP to assist with the restructuring of Livingdesign SL.

However, in the meantime, it has been decided that a new operator, DSGN Sales and Support Facilities Limited will take over the web shop ( from 2 May 2014. The purpose of this company is to try to honour all existing customer orders, however at this stage we are unable to confirm our ability to do so.

This company shall not be taking over any of the liabilities of the group and cannot provide any guarantee on delivery times of orders.

We understand our customers? position but we kindly ask you to provide us with time in order to ascertain the level of outstanding orders and whether they can be fulfilled.

You shall be contacted soon with a further update.

Kind regards,


— end of quote —

Since then, nothing. Website has closed and is no more (it was still up and selling at the time I got this email). No links in the email work. There is now nobody to contact. Googling for the company I came to this page (page is in swedish). So, this is a dead end and there will be no chair.

Chair was supposed to be delivered in mid July.  I threw out the old one in mid May and got a temporary chair. That was OK for the short period from then to mid July when I was supposed to get the new office-chair. It costed just SEK 149… It is not comfortable …it doesn’t hurt my elbows though the way the old chair did as it it doesn’t have any armrests.

officechair, alrik

Temporary office-chair

Now I am left with the choice between these two Ikea office-chairs as I still need an office-chair…. Grey or wild pattern? Probably grey.


Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

It is NOT FUN to lose the money for the ordered chair though. Am trying to get it back via my bank. Sent in the complaint papers just yesterday.

To be continued.

Added 2014-06-19: Today I got the following email which confirms that there will be no delivery of the order. Still nobody to communicate with…

Dear INFURN customer,

further to our last email to all INFURN customers, we regret to inform you that the website has now stopped trading. After numerous attempts to secure the required funds to keep the site running, it has been impossible for the new operator DSGN to continue the business. It has therefore been decided, with the advice of the appointed adviser to the Group, UHY Hacker Young LLP, that all operations are to be suspended.

If you had an order with any of our companies, and it has not been delivered yet, partially or at all, you will be contacted by new insolvency administrators, which are to be announced soon, responsible for winding up of respective company with which you placed your order.

As all companies have stopped trading with immediate effect, we are unable to provide you with any service support.

We apologise for the disruption this may cause to you, and we are really sorry that we are unable to fulfil your order, as we would have liked.


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Office chairs… again

Have to write about office-chairs again. It was a long process to find what I wanted which was comfortable and had a reasonable price. I finally decided what to get, ordered it and have even paid for it. Delivery is mid-July, so there is a long wait.

Yesterday I passed IKEA. I discarded all office-chairs at Ikea at an early stage for various reasons. Except one that was really comfortable but only available in some ugly pattern or in a plastic-like fake leather. I didn’t want that. That particular chair, SKRUVSTA, has now arrived with new covers. There is a grey one and one with a wildly colorful pattern and a white one. Well, the white is not new, but that is that fake-leather with a plastic feel.


Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

The wildly pattern one might be fun, but I would tire of it in a couple of days. The grey one though…

If I hadn’t already ordered and paid for the office-chair I decided on, the grey one above would be just fine. Adjustable height, wheels, and comfortable to sit in (material not itchy). Price a third of the price for the one I ordered.

I’ll throw out my old office-chair mid May when we have cleaning days where I live. That includes one big container to throw away bigger things like furniture and other stuff (except electronics and electric things), and one container for garden debris.

I really need to get rid of the old. It is falling apart. I suspect that my elbow-troubles (very sore elbows, unable to do certain exercises at the gym that involves hanging on your elbows, doing the “plank”) comes from these armrests. See image…


Image copied from a Google Image search

As the new chair won’t arrive until mid July I’ll sit on something else between mid May and mid July.


The old office-chair. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014



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The Office-Chair, Part V

Finally. Made up my mind – after discussing it somewhat with a friend – which chair to buy. And from where. And in which color.

This is the result: A copy Charles Eames DAR Office Chair, in fibre glass, RED (to get som color into my office corner which otherwise is just grey and white). And I ordered it from INFURN last night.

office-chair, charles eames dar

Image is a screenshot from INFURN.COM website.

I like the form of it and it IS comfortable. Sat in its twin last week in town – without wheels there, but to get the feel of how the seat felt.

They’ve now started the production of the chair… Delivery time is long. It will arrive approximately mid July.

Now I’ll just have to wait for it to arrive and hope my old chair won’t fall to pieces before that.

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The office-chair, part IV

The hunt for a new office-chair goes on.
Went into town yesterday to test-sit in one of the chairs I had in mind, a Charles Eames chair.
I don’t want to buy a new office chair without knowing if it is comfortable or not.
Found one, but without wheels, at Nordiska Galleriet. It IS comfortable.

Also, got a recommendation from an ex-blogger via Instagram that it is comfortable. Her son has one. Herself she has a Saarinen Tulip chair which, she says, is not all that comfortable. So, I didn’t sit in the one with wheels, but the one without wheels. I need wheels, or it is too low for me to reach my keyboard and to see my screen comfortably. (I’m too short for chairs that cannot be adjusted in height).

Charles Eames DAR

No, I will NOT buy an orange chair… 😉

Charles Eames DAR

Charles Eames DAR

White maybe?

Question is, from where to buy it? In which color? White? Black? Those are the only two colors I consider. In plastic or in glass fiber? Plastic is matt, glass fiber is shiny. Or so I’ve understood it. Price-wise it differs about SEK1000 between one and the other. The glass fiber variant being the more expensive. Is glass fiber the more durable?

I will not buy the original though. Way too expensive. But there are replicas at various online shops. I just hope that quality etc. can be trusted. Can INFURN be trusted? They presently has free delivery.

Charles Eames office chairA black one maybe?

A cushion to sit on is easy to DIY. Or buy one of those available everywhere for dining room chairs.

IKEA has a similar one (not on their site presently), in plastic, various colors, for SEK149… Not quite the quality I want… felt like very weak plastic when I tested it the other day. Price is fantastic though…

I’ll think about it another day or two before making the final decision.

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The office-chair, part III

office-chair, comet, lammhults

Photo by Nini Tjäder, at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2014

As the office-chair I would have liked to buy turned out to be WAY too expensive, I looked around on the internet at various stores for a less expensive alternative.

For a while there I considered buying a fake designer chair… an Eames or HAY chair or similar. But changed my mind and searched some more. I found these:

office-chair, cactus, stalands

Chair called Cactus.

Would have loved a chair in red. But I want armrests. With arm-rests it only comes in black or white. Would be a black then. Seat is lacquered wood. White is not practical. Looks like this:

office-chair, cactus, stalands

Chair called Cactus with armrests.

And then there is this one, called Joy, where the seat is in leather. Comes in black or white.

office-chair, joy, stalands

Chair called Joy.

Remains to go to Stalands and sit in the chairs to feel if they are comfortable. I’ll do that today and hope that they have them on show. Only after test-sitting it, it is decision time.

UPDATE 2014-03-05: well, had no luck. The chair called Cactus, with armrests, has been discontinued, and the shop didn’t have the one without them either. The chair called Joy they had. And it was extremely uncomfortable. Did a new round at IKEA and sat in all their present work-chairs. No. Not happy about them. So, the hunt goes on. Now, again, considering a fake designer-chair… Eames or HAY or…

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No, I will not buy that office-chair

comet office chair

After a week I got an answer from the firm that makes this chair (called COMET) about where to buy it and the price.

Price is approximately SEK 8.705 + VAT, in medium range cloth. That is WAY too expensive. At least for me. So I will NOT buy it.

Now will keep on looking what else is available out there that I can afford. With five wheels, adjustable height and armrests.

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