Office chairs… again

Have to write about office-chairs again. It was a long process to find what I wanted which was comfortable and had a reasonable price. I finally decided what to get, ordered it and have even paid for it. Delivery is mid-July, so there is a long wait.

Yesterday I passed IKEA. I discarded all office-chairs at Ikea at an early stage for various reasons. Except one that was really comfortable but only available in some ugly pattern or in a plastic-like fake leather. I didn’t want that. That particular chair, SKRUVSTA, has now arrived with new covers. There is a grey one and one with a wildly colorful pattern and a white one. Well, the white is not new, but that is that fake-leather with a plastic feel.


Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

The wildly pattern one might be fun, but I would tire of it in a couple of days. The grey one though…

If I hadn’t already ordered and paid for the office-chair I decided on, the grey one above would be just fine. Adjustable height, wheels, and comfortable to sit in (material not itchy). Price a third of the price for the one I ordered.

I’ll throw out my old office-chair mid May when we have cleaning days where I live. That includes one big container to throw away bigger things like furniture and other stuff (except electronics and electric things), and one container for garden debris.

I really need to get rid of the old. It is falling apart. I suspect that my elbow-troubles (very sore elbows, unable to do certain exercises at the gym that involves hanging on your elbows, doing the “plank”) comes from these armrests. See image…


Image copied from a Google Image search

As the new chair won’t arrive until mid July I’ll sit on something else between mid May and mid July.


The old office-chair. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014



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