Pillows and pillow-cases

pillows, pillowcases

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Pillows and/or changing the pillowcase, must be the simplest way to change the mood or the look of a room. If you have neutral colors  on furniture, floor and walls, you can use almost any kind of pillow/pillow-case to transform the room.

The above and the below pictures are from PUB, shoppingmall in central Stockholm, which has a whole department with just pillows. In this case, designer pillows. Expensive pillows. Very expensive…

pillows, pillowcases

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

I would never buy a pillow that costs several hundred SEK a piece. No matter which material it is done from or the quality of the pillow itself inside. They are for decoration. But prices around SEK 700 and upwards… that’s ridiculous. But I like looking at them and get ideas.

It is not that difficult to sew a pillowcase. Measure, then get a piece of material of the size you need for a particular pillow, sew the few straight seems and that’s it. Like those below that are really simple… (but nice, I like them). Close with zipper, buttons, ribbons or envelope-sewn.

That bedspread by the way – which I like – costs approximately SEK 2300. That isn’t all that difficult to do yourself either…

pillows, pillowcases, bedspread

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

I’ve got plenty of pillows and pillow-cases in my flat. I vary them over time and season. In the living room they are mainly white and black in different patterns and materials. Occasionally something more colorful. In the bedroom usually more colorful to begin with.

I don’t care about the quality of the pillow itself when it comes to decorative pillows. They can be anything and may be the cheapest you can find. That doesn’t really matter as you normally do not sleep on them, mainly just have them for decoration, and occasionally maybe lounge on them or lean on them for support when reading or watching TV.

pillows, pillowcases

Three black and white pillowcases from Ikea. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014


This pillowcase is made by me.


One pillowcase from Ikea, two from H&M Home, one from Jotex. Two – the black ones – from someplace else.

The two neck pillows on the sofa are for people taller than me. I never reach them when sitting in the sofa. The black one without a pattern is leather and is from my previous sofa.

pillows, pillowcases

Two pillowcases from Ikea, one from Ellos, one selfmade and the lamb-pillow (actually supposed to hold your nightie) is from LaRedoute.


Pillows on my bed. The “summer”- versions.


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