New knitted pillowcases

pillowcases, knitted

Knitted pillowcases. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

At the end of October I bought some very thick yarn, with the intention to knit (or crochet) pillowcases from it. The result can be seen above, two pillowcases.

I have always liked knitted pillowcases and have long intended to make some.


Cotton yarn. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

It is woven yarn, recycled cotton. Very thick. Called ECO Yarn. Its use is limited, but it is good for pillowcases, baskets, small mats and other such stuff. It is fast work, but it gets heavier and heavier the more you knit. Not too heavy though.


Cotton yarn. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

I bought it at the Sewing and knitting fair in Stockholm at the end of October from Lankava.se. It is an ECO Yarn.

I used two different knitting methods for the pillow cases. One is made with garter stitch, the other with moss stitch. Both very simple. I closed the ready pillowcases by simply inserting one thread of the yarn along one side, through the meshes. Then made a knot at the corner where the opening was to be able to find it later if I would need to open up the pillowcase for washing for instance. They look the same on both sides.

If you don’t want to knit as much as both sides, make only one side and then put some suitable fabric on the backside of the pillow case.

I like the structure of the finished pillow cases. Simple to make. Only hard thing was to find out how many meshes to put on the knitting stick. Took some tries and redoing before I found the right size. The size of the knitting sticks used for these two pillowcases is 15 mm.

I still have some yarn left that I don’t know what to do with presently. Too little for yet another two-sided pillowcase, but maybe enough for a one-sided.

knitted, pillows

Knitted pillows. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

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Pillows and pillowcases


Pillows and pillowcases. Image borrowed from the internet.

One of the simplest tricks you can use to change the look and feel of a room is to change the pillows and pillowcases in the room. Just by changing their color themes can change the whole room.

pillows, kuddar

Pillows and pillowcases. Mainly from Ikea. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

If your sofa or your chairs are in one color, no patterns, and colors are neutral, it is even easier to create a combination that works well. Keeping the pillows in approximately the same colors but different patterns makes the combinations calm and interesting at the same time.

pillow, pillowcase

Elephant pillow from Svenskt Tenn. Image from the internet.

Pillowcases and pillows come in various materials, patterns and styles. They also come in various price classes.  The pillow above from Svensk Tenn and costs SEK 950. I think that is a ridiculous price for a simple pillow. This is printed on linen. I would never pay SEK 950 for a pillow, no matter it being a famous pattern like this one, or that it covers a down-pillow (just guessing that it does).

pillow, pillowcases

Nadja Wedin pillow. Image from the internet.

Some pillowcases are made by famous designers, like the above by Nadja Wedin. Costs SEK 695. I think that is ridiculously expensive as well.

pillow, pillowcase

Pillow from MIO. Image from the internet.

This one is from, MIO and costs SEK 359. Still too expensive in my opinion.

It is EASY to make a pillowcase all by yourself. The pillows inside can be of any kind and you can find inexpensive ones at IKEA for next to no money. IKEA also has pillow cases for reasonable prices.

All you need to make the simplest pillow case is cloth of the size of the pillow it should cover + some extra for the sewing. If you make a pillowcase in envelope-style, some more cloth than the actual pillow. You can close the pillow case either with a zipper, or buttons, or straps. If envelope style, the cloth itself closes it.

pillow, pillowcase, knitted

Knitted pillow case. Image from the internet.

For some time now pillows covered by knitted or crocheted covers have been seen in various interior design magazines and pictures. The above is about the simples model there can be to knit yourself. Why pay a lot of money to buy one? Unless, of course you have no knowledge of how to knit… You only need yarn of some sort (preferably thick yarn) and 2 knitting needles. How you close the cover is up to you.

pillow, pillowcase, knitted

Knitted pillowcase. Image from the internet.

If you Google the internet for knitted pillowcases you will find plenty of descriptions about how to make them.

pillow, pillowcase, knitte

Knitted pillowcase. Image from the internet.

If course you use colors according to your own wish, and patterns too, just as if you were knitting a sweater…

Or crochet the pillow case. Use your imagination. Pillow cases do not need to be expensively bought.

pillows, pillowcases, crocheted

Crocheted pillow cases. Image from the internet.

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Pillows and pillow-cases.


Pillows on the bed in the bedroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

I love pillows. Big and small. Most of the ones I have are black, white, grey and not colorful in colors but only in patterns. I frequently change them. Around Xmas I tend to bring out some pillows with red in their covers. The rest of the year, black and white and grey again.

The pillows above live on my bed in the bedroom. Three are made by me, two are bought (the two white rolls in the background that are from Ikea and the one at the center), and the lamb I got as a bonus from somewhere long ago.


Material to make pillows from. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Recently bought some tricot cloth in black and white that I fell in love with. Both of them will become pillowcases. Closure with black zippers.


My Singer sewing machine. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

I use the kitchen table for sewing. As I’m not done yet the sewing machine is still there…


A corner of my sofa in the livingroom. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

Some pillowcases I buy. Like the wool-embroidered one above which is from Greece. I have two more of the same kind but with different patterns. The other pillows above are also bought.


Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

The two pillows closest in the picture are from Ikea and H&M Home. Usually though I find that pillow-cases are priced way too high, ridiculously expensive if you ask me… They are not that difficult to make yourself. It is just a piece of cloth of the right dimensions, a zipper or buttons or sew it in envelop-style, which is the easiest.


Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

This is Gustav’s chair. So presently he got a pillow with a cat-lady on… SEK 49 at H&M Home. That’s a reasonable price for a simple pillowcase.


Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

I also use floorpillows. This one is from Ikea. it is placed on the pouf to prevent Gustav to set his claws into the pouf itself, which he loves to do. Floor pillows are also useful when you do some assembly work at floor level… saves knees.


Pillows in the sofa. Photo.©nini.tjader.2015

These are the pillows in my sofa in the livingroom presently. Plus the smaller one below.


Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

The smallest pillow here got a cover that closes with black buttons.



The above pillows are all from Ikea except the thin one at the top which I did myself from a small piece of cloth that remained from when I did the latest door-curtain.

I still haven’t done any pillow-covers from the tricot cloth below, but I will in the near future.

tricot, cloth

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2015

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Approved by Gustav

bedroom. pillows

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Made a small change in the bedroom. Dug out an old bedspread and changed the size of it to suit the bed. Also made a new pillow-case of the cloth that was left after sewing the door-curtain some time ago and changed the covers of the other pillows.

bedroom, pillow-cases

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Still need to fix the walls (paint them and remove the decoration behind the bedframe). As I’ve said so many times, I really don’t like that green color.

But Gustav approved of the new-old bedspread and pillows.

bedroom, gustav, bedcover, pillowcases

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

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Pillows and pillow-cases

pillows, pillowcases

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

Pillows and/or changing the pillowcase, must be the simplest way to change the mood or the look of a room. If you have neutral colors  on furniture, floor and walls, you can use almost any kind of pillow/pillow-case to transform the room.

The above and the below pictures are from PUB, shoppingmall in central Stockholm, which has a whole department with just pillows. In this case, designer pillows. Expensive pillows. Very expensive…

pillows, pillowcases

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

I would never buy a pillow that costs several hundred SEK a piece. No matter which material it is done from or the quality of the pillow itself inside. They are for decoration. But prices around SEK 700 and upwards… that’s ridiculous. But I like looking at them and get ideas.

It is not that difficult to sew a pillowcase. Measure, then get a piece of material of the size you need for a particular pillow, sew the few straight seems and that’s it. Like those below that are really simple… (but nice, I like them). Close with zipper, buttons, ribbons or envelope-sewn.

That bedspread by the way – which I like – costs approximately SEK 2300. That isn’t all that difficult to do yourself either…

pillows, pillowcases, bedspread

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014

I’ve got plenty of pillows and pillow-cases in my flat. I vary them over time and season. In the living room they are mainly white and black in different patterns and materials. Occasionally something more colorful. In the bedroom usually more colorful to begin with.

I don’t care about the quality of the pillow itself when it comes to decorative pillows. They can be anything and may be the cheapest you can find. That doesn’t really matter as you normally do not sleep on them, mainly just have them for decoration, and occasionally maybe lounge on them or lean on them for support when reading or watching TV.

pillows, pillowcases

Three black and white pillowcases from Ikea. Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014


This pillowcase is made by me.


One pillowcase from Ikea, two from H&M Home, one from Jotex. Two – the black ones – from someplace else.

The two neck pillows on the sofa are for people taller than me. I never reach them when sitting in the sofa. The black one without a pattern is leather and is from my previous sofa.

pillows, pillowcases

Two pillowcases from Ikea, one from Ellos, one selfmade and the lamb-pillow (actually supposed to hold your nightie) is from LaRedoute.


Pillows on my bed. The “summer”- versions.

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