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Send digital postcards, flowers, presents...


Send digital postcards

To send digital postcards – not only for christmas or birthdays, but on all kinds of occassions – has become increeasingly popular. On the following websites you can choose cards and create your own varieties av cards, sometimes with enclosed soundeffects and sometimes also animated.

If you notice that any of these links no longer function, please tell me about it so I can correct the information.

Send Garfield Postcards

Garfield Garfield Garfield

Do you like Garfield? Then there is a whole website about him at:

The website also has a service tos end digital Gafield postcards:

If you rather want to see a periodical comic-strip about him, there is that too:

Send Flowers and Gifts

To send flowers via the Internet is easy and convenient. One place for this is Euroflorist. Read more about it at (site is both in Swedish and English).

Some other websites for flowers or gifts are: