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Odd links

You sometimes stumble over some odd links that are entertaining and interesting and can be fun to look at in your spare time. Below are some of them.

1) Fling the Cow
Throw a cow over a meadow and get points... They have both the classic version and a newer one in Flash 5.

2) Joe Cartoon
Animated. Rather sick, but quite funny and nicely done. You need to have the Flash-plugin installed in your browser. Warning: very sick humour at times. Press the buttons, watch the films.

3) and or
Not a website you should visit if you ar esensitive to sick humour or vulgar jokas. Visit on your own risk. Apart from the animation of the day (which you can download more of) there are also other filmlinks on the website.

4) Geeklove

If you are a real computer-fanatic, visit

Click the different departments to investigate...
NOTE you need Java (and on certain pages a Flash-plugin) in your browser.

Have fun.

5) Urban Legends

Urband legens – those odd stories that sound like the truth but normally is not, but gets almost mythical, and are hard to stop people believing in....

On the site you will find them cathegorized and explained.

6) Who are you?

Which temperament do you have du? If you wonder, you can visit The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II and do a test.

How do you behave yourself? Do a test at The Platinum Rule

7) Cartoons – Comics

Do you like cartoons? At United Media you can find lots of cartoons to pass the time with. Just choose. Enjoy!

8) Computerhumour


At Macworks there is a whole department with drawn images with computerhumour by Steinfeld. For instance like the above. If you want to see more images there is an archive of them since 1995 onwards at:

9) The Hamsterdance...

This is a classic.


Someone tipped us about a completely meaningless, but very nice link:

Visit! Just for Fun.

10) Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs in the computer business means that an application has hidden functions. It could be nonsense functions (like the alien in QuarkXPress' who shoots away at selected frames on your page with an antiquated weapon with a highpitched sound - in QuarkXPress 4 there are even two different aliens), or they show pictures of those who developed the application, or, like in Photoshop, shows an electric cat at certain shortcuts. There is a whole website dedicated to this kind of information, that is where the Easter eggs are in different applications and how you can reach them and enjoy them. If you want to learn, go to