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Just for Fun

The Just for Fun department was once created for the company website for my last employer. The idea was to drive traffic to it by having some content that was not all that serious and which made people come back for more and more over and over again. That also worked as supposed to. The visitors loved the pages and they kept coming back, and it also made them buy their Macs and services from us. That they did, was hard to prove though.

However, the bean counters thought it was not serious enough and not businesslike enough and asked for it to be removed. So it was removed. Much to the sorrow of our visitors who really liked that part of the site. It also decreased traffic to the site. Quite a lot actually.

I've kept the parts of it that are in English which are still a bit fun to read, and now, a couple of years later, publish them here. The content has been collected from various sources over the years and a lot of it has been circulated via email. Some of you might recognize some of the content.


nini ;-)

PS. If you want to contribute with material you think would fit here, send it my way, and I'll consider entering it.