Those were the days

club pråmen

June 4th 1961. Herbert, Bosse, Bellman, Clarence and on the railing Janne B.

Those were the days…

Got reminded about them when Bosse (2nd man standing from left) suddenly wanted to be friends on FaceBook.

This photo is from Club Pråmen, a boat that was a jazzclub and located at Alvik, Stockholm. Spent many evenings and nights there at the time with that gang.

We were also active at the time in the League agains Nuclear Weapons and in the picture below we had a brake in the march to Ursvik (Sweden) in 1961.

Those were the days…

Sitting up, my then best friend Ninna, myself and to the right of me is Bosse. Laying down in fisherman’s sweater is Janne B.

And this is Bosse today (or quite lately, I borrowed the image from his FaceBook page). Some age gracefully.

Bo Carlsson


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Thank You Ninni. Yes this picture is from last year. Time and aging is a very strange thing.

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