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I read. I’ve always read a lot. Started early. Often had multiple books going at the same time. We didn’t have many books at home. They were too expensive to buy. But I was read to by my father when I was little, mainly Donald Duck magazines… And I got one book a year as birthday present. When I learnt to read by myself, I went to the library and borrowed books. I finished the children’s department at the library by the age of 12 and was then moved to the grownup department by the librarian who had no more to offer me in her department.

I’ve kept on reading and still have multiple books going at simultaneously. I started reading books in English when I lived in Tel Aviv. Had no choice and there were no swedish books around there. Nowadays I switch between english and swedish. I never throw away a book. But I give them away to whichever organization that wants them when I need more space in my bookcases. I’ve had friends who’ve asked me why I don’t throw out a book that I have read. They looked very puzzled when I said that I might want to re-read them. Those friends were not book-readers.

bokhyllor, books, book-cases, böcker

Photo: ©nini.tjader.2014 – As you can see from the titles I read a lot of fantasy among other things.

I sort my books alphabetically according to the authors surname. I also have certain shelves for certain subjects (all books about software for instance have their own shelves). Sometimes they stand up, sometimes they lay down. The latter mainly with pocketbooks, which are small and take up less space laying down in a pile as high as the shelf sometimes.

One thing I really dislike is the trend to color-sort ones books… Looks terrible (in my eyes) and how on earth are you supposed to find something in a bookcase where books are color-sorted? Do those people only have books for decoration and not for reading?


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Some other even worse trends in the use of books is using the books to build  furniture from them… What a waste of books…


Image borrowed from the internet.


Image borrowed from the internet.

The worst of all is when bookpages are torn out and glued to a wall as wallpaper.


Image borrowed from the internet.

Books are for reading, not for building furniture of, or use as wallpaper. It is such a disrespect to the author of the books to use them for anything but reading. As I see it. When read, don’t throw them away, but give them to any organization that wants them which can either sell them, or give them to somebody else, if you don’t want to keep them yourself any longer. Have some respect for the books and the work by the author.


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