The Swedish Countryside


This is how most imagine the Swedish country side. How it used to look. How it still looks. How it will always look. And it actually looks like this. House to live in to the left, house for the workers in the middle, the barn and cattle house to the right.

Would I want to live in a place like this? No. Definitely no. I am a city person. Can live in suburbia if I have good communications into town. But I would not want to live in the countryside. Would drive me nuts in a couple of days. I enjoy passing by and visiting (for very short periods) though.


Thing is it looks like this – fields and the woods behind them – not very far from densely populated areas. Like where I live. I can get to places like this in half an hour, not walking particularly fast. Not driving (I don’t drive), walking.

woods, road

And the woods are as nearby too. With their old, almost abandoned roads for transporting timber. With their very high pine trees.

This is however the road to LIDA, a popular recreation area, a one hour walk from where I live. So here you find pick-nick-tables along the road. Looks a bit odd appearing in a glen in the woods along the path. Nice anyway. For a one hour walk we usually don’t bring any picknick. We have coffee and a sandwich and a pice of cake at the restaurant at Lida. That restaurant haven’t sadly enough discovered coffee latte yet.  They are a bit behind in what they offer and the choices are a bit poor. They’ve got very good cakes though. They do offer a warm soup and warm food as well.

Sadly the ferns have begun to turn colors. Autumn will be over us much too soon after a lousy – if you talk about the weather– summer that never really began. If it wasn’t for winter coming after autumn I would enjoy autumn much more. Autumns can be very beautiful.


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