The Dams

My favorite walk goes to the dams in Tumba (Sweden).

There is an illuminated track that goes from the villa-area behind Storvreten into the woods and around the Big Dam and the Small Dam and back again.  I visited the Big Dam the first time at the beginning of August 2010 and was impressed by the beauty of the spot. After that I have visited it several times, alone or with company, during different seasons. From home, around the track, and back home again, it is a two hour walk in comfortable speed. In the winter, if there is snow, the track becomes a skiing track, and you have to watch up for the skiers. They get quite mad if you walk too close to the track. This winter it has, so far, not been enough snow for it to become a skiing track.
Last time I was there was friday Jan 8th 2012. The pictures are from then.

It is a beautiful spot. Looks different each time you come there. (I am planning to create a gallery of pictures that spans the entire year, lookout for it in the Galleries section above).
This time the level of the water was unusually high and the small waterfall from the Big Dam down to the Small Dam was more powerful than usual. Ice was new but very thin. Snow fell the day before.
The brook below the Big Dam was also larger than usual.
In the winter you can also see the Small Dam (above). Other seasons there is too much greenery to see it.
The storms of the last weeks have done a lot of damage to the big trees in the woods.
The electricity cables along the illuminated track are down in several places.
Huge fir trees (and other trees too) have fallen and taken down the cables with them.
Wood clearance is ongoing and the huge trees are sawn inte smaller workable parts and removed. But a lot of it is still there to witness about the damage of the storms. A lot more trees than expected were downed here. Sad to see.
Photo: ©Nini Tjäder 2012

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