TBT When I was a kibbutznick


kibbutz, nini

Nini as kibbutznick in 1963.

(TBT – Throw Back Thursday) In 1963 I went to Israel for the first time. I went together with friends Ninna, Hans and Elge. We had our base-camp at friend Channas parents villa just north of Tel Aviv. It was popular to go to Israel during that period.

kibbutz, gevaram

The house we lived in at kibbutz Gevaram in 1963.

For a while we went to a kibbutz. Ninna and Hans left already after two weeks because they were bored. Elge and I stayed another three weeks working in the fields etc.

elge, hans, kibbutz

Elge and Hans comparing how much their beards were growing… We were young in 1963…

kibbutz, gevaram, nini, elge

Me and Elge at the kibbutz in the afternoon after work. March 1963.

The kibbutz was kibbutz Gevaram, 7 kms north of the Gaza border, outside of Ashquelon. This was my first experience working in a kibbutz. I think about this kibbutz sometimes when there are incidents reported on the news. It really is close to the Gaza border.

kibbutz, gevaram

Map of area close to Gevaram


Map of area close to Kibbutz Gevaram.

I went back to Israel several times after that and lived in different kibbutzim before finally settling in Tel Aviv. All in all I lived seven (7) years in Israel. Ninna died of breast cancer in 1995. Elge and Hans are still around as well as Channa and Elge is my FB friend.

hans, elge, ninna

Hans, Elge and Ninna in 1964.

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